Brisco vs Funk Comes to

Professional Wrestling Results
From Saturday October 25th at the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida
Support Your Troops 110, "Morbid Power"

Dory Funk Jr. and "The Order" Brian DeMario and Gabriel Zimmerly
Wes Brisco, Shane Chung and World Champion, Dalton Drellich

Bombshell Championship
Hollywood Heather (Champion) With Danielle Nox vs Jessica "Power-House" Hill
Winner - Hollywood Heather

Tag Team Championship -
The Men of Steel - Jordan Decker and Derrick Steele
Shane Chung and Sukarno
Still Champions by DQ - Jordan Decker and Derrick Steele

Battle Royal for the World Heavyweight Championship
The Order, Gabriel Zimmerly and Brian DeMario, Dalton Drellich, Jordan Decker, Derreck Steele, Sukarno, Noah Mayser, Roger Carlson
Winner and still World Champion, Dalton Drellich

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