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Welcome to the WWF's Funking Dojo

Press Release

On January 3rd, 1998 Dory will be going to Stamford Connecticut to train with the present and future stars of the World Wrestling Federation. Jim Ross and Bruce Prichard will make the welcoming speech at the WWF's fitness center. Dory, and Pat Patterson, assisted by Tom Prichard will conduct the Wrestling college starting on January 4th with weight training from 9:30am to 11:30am, lunch in the WWF's training room at noon, and wrestling in-ring workouts at Titan Television from 2:00pm until 6:00pm continuing through January 8th. On January 9th, the wrestling college will travel to Scranton Pennsylvania for a two hour session prior to the wrestling card that night. On January 10th all members of the WWF's Funking Dojo will be special guests at the WWF's Madison Square Garden wrestling card.

The WWF's Funking  Dojo will be open to all wrestlers in the WWF and new young wrestling talent selected by the World Wrestling Federation as shining prospects for the future.

Dory will be taking a special interest in working with the young Japanese sensation, Taka (Mighty) Michinoku on special techniques and will also become his English teacher.

One of the current WWF stars who has expressed excitement over the WWF's Funking Dojo is Mark Mero, Mark is a multi-talented marshal arts athlete who Dory says is tougher than shoe leather and meaner than a rattlesnake considering he has excellent skills as a wrestler and boxer.

Dory will be teaching the wrestling style that he brought to Japan as NWA World Champion and taught to many Japanese wrestling stars.

Marti Funk

Pat Patterson (Top Contender for the NWA World Championship)
There have been quite a few NWA title defenses that have taken place in San Francisco, California, but not as many as there used to be. One reason may be because Pat Patterson has established himself as the undisputed king of Northern California wrestling. Patterson rarely leaves that area and has gotten a reputation as being nearly impossible to beat on his home grounds.

"I'm why Funk doesn't wrestle in San Francisco anymore," Patterson says candidly. "If he comes here he's got to face me. If he faces me he losses his belt. It's that simple." A former US champion, Patterson is another of those not actively seeking Funk's title. "I have no wish to go chasing around the country after him." he says. "If he wants to prove he's a real champion he'll come here and defend against some real competition. Hell, I could stay champion a hundred years if I wrestled bums like Brisco every night."

Would Pat travel around the country if he won the belt?  "Well, Let's just say that after I pinned him I might hand him back the belt and tell him to keep it. I just want to show him I can beat him any time I want."

(Quoted verbatim from Wrestling Review 1971)

"Pat, Welcome to the WWF's Funking Dojo!!!"


NWA Champions with Jerry Brisco, Sam Muchnick, and Pat Patterson
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