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Dory Funk Jr. and Rob Van Dam

Congratulations to WWE team for the ratings jump to a 3.7.
That is a huge jump and the main event next week will support another increase in ratings.
The increased interest in the WWE product is good for everybody in the wrestling business.
RVD and HBK have appeal to the largest market available, "The General Public."
Through the ratings millions of wrestling fans have given their approval of quality, "In Ring Performance."

Special Announcement
Get Some Attitude
Put the  Back in the WWE

The Funking Conservatory Will Travel
to Raw and Smackdown

Wrestlers participating  in The Christmas Funking Conservatory,  December 15 through 22
will have the opportunity to travel  from Ocala, Florida to Raw December 16
in Orlando, Florida and Smackdown December 17 in Tampa, Florida.

For more information on the Christmas Funking Conservatory you can call - 352-895-4658

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