Cold War" Post Show Wrap-up
by James Malone aka Sign Guy

"Cold War" is in the books and what a great night of action and surprises. The big surprise
of the night was the return of !BANG! superstar Bonecrusher. Red Power made history by
becoming the first female !BANG! TV Champion, Bonecrusher became the new Funking
Conservatory Hardcore Champion, the team of Risky Business (Chris Vaughn & Rick Santel)
defeated Trevor Mercury & Sledgehammer for the Funking Conservatory Tag Team
Championship, Sledgehammer bounced back to win the Funking Conservatory European
Championship, Dixie retained the Funking Conservatory Women's Championship, Adam
Windsor retained the Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Championship, and Dixie
& Adam fell to Red Power & Blackout due to interference by  Bonecrusher & Missy Hyatt.

Many thanks go out to Adam Windsor, Bonecrusher, Red Power, Dixie, Sledgehammer,
Trevor Mercury, Rick Santel, Chris Vaughn, Menace II Society, Missy Hyatt, Blackout
(Rainman & Murder One), Dirt, Travis Anderson, The Claw, and Dory & Marti Funk.
Very special thanks to Bob Ryder of NWA-TNA   and for attending
the show.

We'll do it all again at "Razzle Frazzle on March 22, and don't forget to watch !BANG! on
WOGX TV FOX 51 at 1 AM Monday thru Friday.

James Malone aka Sign Guy
Official journalist for the Funking Conservatory

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