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Is it a Work or is it a Shoot?
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The definition of a good angle is to make the people believe this one is for real.
For example, Shawn Michaels Vince McMahon and Bret Hart. Work or shoot?
(Survivor Series '97) It still lives and we still wonder.

Wrestling may have began as a shoot. In the days of the ancient Greeks at the
Amphitheater. The winners were heroes and the losers were fed to the lions.
Good incentive to train hard and fight for the victory.

Then there was a great match and the life of the loser was sparred for fighting
a good fight. Both men could live. This was the dawning of worked wrestling
matches way back during the days of the Greek and Roman Empires.

How do we know a work from a shoot? As a wrestler I know. Some of the
pictures and sculptures found in ancient structures show working holds. With the
possibility of both men being spared there was incentive to develop good workers.

Even our business, professional wrestling has its origin in real wrestling. We often
read about big pops. One of the biggest was in the Pontiac Silverdome when Hogan
slammed Andre the Giant. For that moment when 90,000 people jumped out of their
seat and cheered, They were all believers. Our special guest at BattleMania II,
Thanksgiving night, Bobby Heenan was there in the corner of Andre the Giant for
that match.

The fun of professional wrestling is when you believe what you are seeing. Even
for the moment.

Ancient Greek Worker (Surfboard Hold)        Ancient Greek Shooter (Oklahoma Cross Body Ride)

Windsor demonstrates the Klingman Toehold (Shoot)               Top Body Scissors (Shoot)
Otis Klingman broke Apache Craig's leg with this hold              Favorite "stretching hold" of Dory Funk Sr.

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