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The Road to NWA/TNA

Bill Behrens / Wildside to Host Training Camp

The Royal Stud Adam Windsor and Dustin Serrano The Dream Machine

Alumni wrestlers from the Funking Conservatory will be traveling to NWA
Wildside in Cornelia, Georgia where they will be training with NWA Wildside
wrestlers and coaches. They will arrive in Cornelia on Monday June 17th.
Special sessions will he held Monday night, Tuesday morning and Tuesday

The sessions will include interviews and matches to be video taped by Marti
Funk. On Wednesday June 19th the group will travel to the NWA/TNA
Pay Per View where they will have the opportunity to meet Jeff and Jerry
Jarrett. Their video tapes from the training sessions will be presented to
the Jarretts at than time.

I am looking forward to working with the Wildside team. A. J. Styles and
Rick Michaels of NWA Wildside will be assisting me with the training camp.

I would love to see the Royal Stud Adam Windsor and A.J. Styles hook up
just for a few minutes even if it is just a training session. I would be willing to
bet all eyes will be glued to the ring.

Matthew Polinsky - Ring Name - Sterling James Keenan
Will be making to trip Wildside and NWA/TNA

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