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Dory Funk Jr. and Dr. Tom Prichard

Put the attitude in the Funking Conservatory

WWE Talent Scout, Tom Prichard will be attending the January Edition
of the Funking Conservatory to evaluate talent for the WWE. The training
camp starts on January 21 through 26. Also in attendance at the Funking
Conservatory will be New Japan Pro-wrestling's "Technical Wrestler of the
Year" in Japan, Osamu Nishimura. If you ever wanted to be seen by WWE
and New Japan Pro-wrestling, Now is the time. In Japanese, "Jikan Desu."
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Funking Conservatory talent, "Red Power."

"If you have a weak heart or high blood pressure do not click to view this picture of Red Power"

WWE's Dr. Tom Prichard Comes to the Funking Conservatory
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January 25th at the Funking Conservatory's !BANG! television taping, the main event will be a Triple
Crown Championship Match between Adam Windsor and Japan's "Technical Wrestler of the Year,
Osamu Nishimura.

The special attraction will be an Evening Gown Match between The First Lady of Professional Wrestling,
Missy Hyatt and the Funking Conservatory's Red Power. In the corner of Missy Hyatt will be New Japan
Pro-wrestling's Osamu Nishimura. Special Guest Referee, so that he can get a closer look at the talent,
will be World Wrestling Entertainment's Talent Scout, Dr. Tom Prichard assisting "The Claw, Who is
"The Law."

Who will be in Red Power's Corner?

If you are in training at the Funking Conservatory, "It Could Be You."

For ticket information, or information on the Funking Conservatory,
Call - (352) 895-4648