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Wrestle War - Promoter Anthony Vaglica



From Checkers Cafe in Daytona Beach

The first match is a three way tournament for the Funking Conservatory TV Championship. Participants are Dory Funk Jr., Great White Butcher and Big Bank Barfield. The first match is decided by a coin flip with the odd man facing the winner. In the coin flip, Funk and Barfield landed heads with White Butcher landing tails. Ergo, Funk and Barfield wrestle with the winner to face the Great White Butcher. Winner of the tournament will become Funking Conservatory TV Champion.

Match -1 Dory Funk Jr. vs Big Bank Barfield.

Match - 2 Dory Funk Jr. vs Great White Butcher


After the third match the wrestling fans in Daytona were treated to a meet and greet and photo opportunity with Jack Brisco and Dory Funk Jr.


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