!BANG! TV Report
Airdate: January 2, 2003
Cox Cable Channel 16 Ocala, FL
Written by James Malone aka Sign Guy

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    Hello all and welcome to the first !BANG! TV report of 2003. Hope everyone had a wonderful and joyous holiday season. Our first TV
taping of the new year will take place on January 25 at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, FL. WWE Talent scout Tom Prichard will be
attending the event and making his return will be the Funking Conservatory United States Champion Osamu Nishimura of New Japan Pro
Wrestling. More on the card later.

    Today's match was the Texas Death Match with Murder One of NWA Wildside's Blackout challenging the Funking Conservatory Triple
Crown Champion The Royal Stud Adam Windsor for the Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Championship. Murder One was
accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner Rainman.

    Before the match started, ring announcer Chris English would read the rules to a Texas Death Match. The rules are no disqualification,
no count-out, no stopping the match for blood, falls do not count, anything goes except for choking and eye gouging, and the match
continues until one man cannot answer the referee's ten count after a fall.

    The match started off with a collar and elbow tie-up between both wrestlers. Murder One pushed Adam into the corner and made a
clean break when The Claw called for it. The two locked up again, but this time Adam caught Murder One in a headlock and took him
down to the mat. Murder One tried to roll Adam onto his shoulders, but could only manage a one count. Once back to his feet, Murder
One pushed Adam into the corner again. As he went to hit Adam, Adam ducked out of the way and out of the corner. Adam would catch
Murder One in a waistlock, but Murder One countered into a waistlock of his own which was reversed by Adam into  waistlock takedown.
Adam then turned the hold into a front facelock. Murder One made it back to his feet again and tripped Adam to try to apply a figure four
leglock. Adam would not let Murder One get the hold on but Murder One gave Adam's knee an elbow drop. Murder One continued to work
on Adam's knee. Adam tried to fight back with two blows to Murder One's head, but Murder One took him back down with another kick to
Adam's knee and followed up with a surfboard. Adam made his way out of the hold and went after Murder One with several blows to the
midsection and the patented superkick. Adam went for the cover, but somehow Murder One kicked out at two. Adam went for a
clothesline, but Murder One ducked and caught Adam in a neckbreaker followed up by a pinwheel backdrop. Murder One made the cover
for three and The Claw started the ten count. The show went to commercial as Adam made it back up to his feet for the match to continue.

    Once again, the !BANG! TV taping titled "F'n Blastoff" will take place on January 25 in Ocala, FL at the Dory Funk Arena. Dr. Tom
Prichard and Osamu Nishimura make their returns.

    As Adam made it back to his feet, Murder One delivered a huge blow to Adam's head. Murder One tried for another cover, but this time
Adam kicked out at two. Murder One continued his assault on Adam with kicks to the back and another blow to the head. Murder One
attempted to apply an anklelock to Adam, but Adam grabbed the ropes for The Claw to call for the break. Adam started to come back
again with blows to the midsection of Murder One. Adam followed up on Murder One by placing him on the ropes and giving him two huge
chops. Adam attempted to whip Murder One into the ropes, but Murder One reversed the whip and as Adam went to bounce off the ropes,
Rainman tripped Adam by grabbing his foot. As Adam turned in Rainman's direction, Rainman blasted Adam over the head with a chair,
which allowed Murder One to score another three count. The Claw started another ten count and Adam made it back to his feet, the show
went to another commercial.

    "F'n Blastoff" will be the first big event of 2003 for the Funking Conservatory. New Japan Pro Wrestling's Osamu Nishimura returns to
defend the Funking Conservatory United States Championship.

    Murder One knocked Adam back down to the mat after he had beaten the ten count. Murder One tried for another quick cover, but
Adam kicked out at two. Murder One took a chair handed to him by Rainman and set it in the middle of the ring. Murder One whipped
Adam into the roped and gave him a legtrip head first into the chair. Murder One tried for the cover, but Adam again kicked out at two.
Murder One took the chair and set it in the corner between the middle and top turnbuckles. Murder One attempted to whip Adam into that
particular corner, but Adam reversed the whip and sent Murder One crashing into the chair. Adam picked up the chair and gave Murder
One two shots to the back and chest. Murder One caught Adam with a shot to the midsection and went back to where Rainman stood.
Rainman gave Murder One a chain and caught Adam with two blows to the head nearly knocking him out. Murder One covered Adam
again for three. The Claw started counting again, but Adam made it back to his feet one more time. The show then took another
commercial break.

    WWE Talent Scout Dr. Tom Prichard will be at the next !BANG! TV taping "F'n Blastoff" on January 25. Dr. Prichard will be evaluating
the talent on the card that night.

    Murder one continued with an all out assault on Adam with punches and kicks. Murder One then threw Adam out of the ring to his
partner Rainman, who got a few of his own shots in. Adam fought back by knocking Rainman out and heading back to the ring where he
rammed Murder One's head into the top turnbuckle. As Murder One stood on the outside apron of the ring dazed and confused, Adam
bounced off the ropes and hit Murder One sending him off of the apron and through the photo table. Adam threw Murder One back into the
ring and made a cover for three. With Murder One down, The Claw started her ten count. Murder One made it back up at nine and the
show took it's final commercial break.

    Get tickets early for "F'n Blastoff" at the Dory Funk Arena Saturday night, January 25, in Ocala, FL. You'll see Adam Windsor, Osamu
Nishimura, and many other stars.

    Once Murder One was up, he turned around and was clocked over the head with a chair by Adam. Adam then left the ring and grabbed
a metal trash can over by the ring announcer. Adam took the trash can and hit Murder One in the head with it. As Adam went to pick up
Murder One, Murder One caught him with a low blow. Murder one called to Rainman to grab another table and bring it into the ring. Once
the table was set up, Murder One went to powerbomb Adam through the table, but Adam countered and gave Murder One a backdrop
away from the table. Adam went to bounce off the ropes, but Rainman tripped him again. That would be Rainman's last mistake as he was
knocked silly by Dory Funk, Jr.. Dory threw Rainman into the ring and Adam picked him up in position for what looked like the Kryptonite
Krunch. Adam took Rainman and executed the Kryptonite Krunch through the table knocking Rainman out cold. Adam then went to the
top turnbuckle and waited for Murder One to turn around. Murder One turned around with a chair in his hands and Adam came off the top
rope with the missile dropkick into the chair which went into Murder One's head knocking him nearly out. Adam made the cover for three
and then rolled off onto his back. The Claw then started the ten count on both wrestlers. Both men looked like they would both be up by
nine, but Murder One fell back down as Adam made it back to his feet and The Claw counted to ten. The Claw called for the bell and
raised Adam's hand in victory. Your winner of the Texas Death Match and still Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Champion, The
Royal Stud Adam Windsor.

    The next !BANG! TV taping will take place on Saturday night, January 25, at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, FL. Adam Windsor and
Osamu Nishimura will be on the card defending their titles as well as WWE Talent Scout Dr. Tom Prichard in attendance evaluating talent.
Missy Hyatt will be returning along with Dixie, Red Power, Sledgehammer, and several other wrestlers with the referee who's word is the
law, The Claw. Get your tickets early. Be there.

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