In Funk's Corner

!BANG! Tryouts

Adam Windsor, Sledge Hammer, Brian Gambel and Coach Dory Funk Jr.

An outstanding performance was given yesterday by Brian Gambel. Brian is
from Orlando, Florida.

Brian came prepared with a strong interview. He had a great tryout match against
Cory Connors aka  Sledge Hammer from Daytona. As you can tell by the photo,
Brian showed up in peak condition. Brian's athletic background includes martial
arts training, Roller Jam and the American Gladiators. He has also worked for
WWE in dark matches.

We ask that wrestlers trying out for our weekly production of !BANG! come
prepared to do a wrestling interview and match on camera. Please wear proper
workout gear. (No exposed private body parts) Wrestling shoes are also
necessary. We are a cosmetic business so look your best.

We are holding tryouts this month on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursday's
for the upcoming weekly production of !BANG! Television in Ocala, Florida
at the Dory Funk Arena.

If you are interested in trying out for !BANG! contact Marti Funk at:
E-mail the Funking Conservatory
Visit Dory Funk's Home Page

Ninja / Gladiator / Brian "The Blade" Gambel