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Culver Tree Service at Christmas Time (Dorothy and Bill Culver)

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Effective control of insects make the life of your trees much easier.  Insects not only eat the leaves, bore into the bark, and cause other disfigurations, but they also put the tree in a lot of stress.  If insects are not controlled by professionals who know insects and how best to treat them, entire neighborhoods of trees can be wiped out in a single season.  Call, Culver Tree Service. for our professional evaluation and recommendations for control of insects.

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Tree Technology . . . We care for tomorrow's trees, TODAY

Bill and Dorothy Culver of Culver Tree Service say, "You and your forefathers, or others have planted the trees that are now in your care.  Help maintain your heritage with proper diagnosis and care.  Keep your trees alive so you can pass them on to the next generation. Trees offer Clean Air, Shade, and Beauty

Trees are one of America's important resources.  Trees are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they add beauty to our homes and businesses.

Trees can and do last several lifetimes, but if they become diseased they can die and will have to be removed.  Culver Tree Service can provide the ultimate in tree and stump removal.  We know trees-- If you have a problem call us for a professional evaluation.

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The tree stands tall and mighty against the years. The weather beats and tears at it yet the tree simply laughs at the wind and rain. But when the wind blows soft and gentle, the tree thinks back to when it was a young sapling planted there by someone who cared. It remembers looking up at all the other trees, all grown and majestic, and wondering what it would be like to grow so lofty. It remembers the feeling of digging down, down into the soil with strong roots, in search of sweet, life-giving water. It remembers the feeling of fear when, as a young sapling, it had to fight to hold on in the strong winds, and later the thrill of feeling almost invincible in the prime of life between youth and adulthood. It remembers the delicious feeling of reaching with new limbs; higher and higher to gather in more sweet lifeblood, the sunlight.

Thinking of times past, the tree becomes sad for it misses the excitement of youth and growth. It longs once again to reach for the sun, rather than just feel the warm glow upon it's leaves. The tree yearns to dig deep into the soil once more, yet it is too tired to do more than just hold on to its small purchase of soil in the forest floor that has been it's home for so many years.

As the tree longs to be young once more, it is reminded of the gift of youth it has passed on to all the seeds it has grown and set free over the years. It knows some will not germinate, But the ones that do still face the challenge of youth. They will feel the strength of new limbs and roots. And they get to fight against the wrath of the storm. To feel the angry crash of rain and thunder and to feel fear just as the great tree once felt all those years ago.

But all those feelings of fear and pain are gone for the mighty tree. Now there is only tiredness. Tiredness and contentment in the knowledge that it has made it through a long hard lifetime. So the tree rests peacefully, feeling the warm glow of rich sunlight spread across it's back, and the tree simply smiles to the world.

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