For the best pricing and schedules

The Funking Conservatory is located in Ocala, Florida.

The airport of choice for Ocala is Orlando International Airport.
You should make plans to arrive so that you can comfortably meet our
airport transportation (Lake Limo) at side B, Space 18 at 4:00pm for
the ride to our training facility in Ocala, Florida.

For the best pricing and scheduling contact The Official Travel Agency of
the Funking Conservatory.

Many of our students coming in from the southeastern United States choose to drive.
If you are coming in on Interstate 75 you would take exit 68 and go east.
You would turn north at the light on SW 27th Avenue and go one block.
At the light you would turn back west on SW 20th Street.
Just a few hundred feet on the right you will see our sign that says, Dory Funk Arena.

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