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Next !BANG! TV Taping Saturday August 1st. Support Your Troops 120, "Night of Champions"
!BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida - Showtime is 7:00pm, Doors open at 6:15
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Special Interview with Dory Funk Jr. - Ladies Catfight, "Out of Control"
Professional Wrestling Card Includes
Dory Funk Jr., Johnny Magnum and Shane Chung Plus all the Stars of !BANG! TV
Ladies Bombshell Tag Team Championship Match
Fighting Heart Award Presentation to Dangerous Dan Spivey
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!BANG! TV Results
Funk & Brisco Return to !BANG! TV in Support of Special Olympics of Marion County
Saturday June 27th, "Red White and !BANG!
Over the Top Rope Battle Royal - Winner Dalton Drellich

Wes Brisco vs Brian Lacey - Winner Wes Brisco

Tag Team Match - Gabe Zilla and Christian Boley vs Dalton Drellich and Jordan Decker
Winners Zilla and Boley

Ladies fatal 3 way Ashley Maldonado vs Danielle Nox, vs Jade Arcane - Winner Danielle Nox

Dory Funk Jr. , Wes Brisco and John "Psycho" Williams vs Shane Chung, Dalton Drellich and Kristofir Napier
Winners - Funk, Brisco and Psycho

Support Special Olympics with Dory Funk & Don Nottingham


Dory Funk Jr. vs The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes

Spring Bash and Smash
6 Man Tag Team
Dory Funk, Johnny Magnum & Derrick Steele vs Jordan Decker, Dalton Drellich & Gabe Zilla

Ladies Title Match - Danielle Nox (Champion) vs Jade Arcane

Dory Funk Jr. - Campaign Speech for Osamu Nishimura

  Dory Funk and Wesley Blake (Cory Weston)
  Dory Funk Jr., Trainer of  Champions and Hall of Famers
Wesley Blake (Cory Weston) Special Interviews with Miami Herald's Jim Varsalone




Dory Funk Jr. with Student, Kurt Angle vs WWE Hall of Famer and Dory Funk Jr., Student, Christian
Dory Funk Jr. vs Mark Henry - Training Match

Kurt Angle vs Christian (Training Match)            Dory Funk Jr. vs Mark Henry (Training Match)