All Time Universal Championship
Tournament to decide the All Time Greatest of the Greats.
The most accurate determination ever!!!

Who really would win the matches between the greatest of all times?

Dory has gathered all of the information he is able to garner from his personal memory of these great wrestlers and all that we have been able to obtain. We have meticulously fed it into Dyno, our new 20 gigabyte computer. Dyno has processed this information and given us the winner of each match.

Round 3

Match 1
Ed Strangler Lewis
Buddy Rogers
Marigold Arena, Chicago Ill. - Rogers enters the ring and struts his sun tanned body, flexes his muscles and kills five minutes before touching Ed Lewis. At first contact, Rogers chills with fear as he is in the ring with a "real" wrestler. Lewis with a headlock in 6 minutes.

Match 2
Bruno Sammartino
The Rock
Madison Square Garden, New York - This is a great match between two well conditioned athletes. Bruno has the power and Rock the speed, power and finess. Rock in 22 minutes with the Rock Bottom. Rock checks in the Smack Down Hotel and parties down.

Match 3
The Undertaker
Bruiser Brody
Civic Auditorium, Albuquerque, New Mexico - Brody takes Undertaker to the floor and they fight through the fans and over chairs. Paul Bearer grabs Brody from behind and Brody flattens him. Brody's head is split open. Undertaker goes for the Tombstone Pile Driver but Brody reverses and wins with the Knee Drop in 26 minutes.

Match 4
Danny Hodge
Dick Murdoch
Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City - This is a great wrestling match as both boys are strong. Murdoch has a big advantage in weight but Danny Hodge wins with a front face lock and three count in 28 minutes.

Match 5
Gene Kiniski
Bobo Brazil
Augusta, Ga. City Auditorium - Gene Kiniski attacks with punches, kicks, chops. Bobo counters with punches and his famous Koko butt. Kiniski kicks out and goes to the floor where he slams Bobo on the floor and Bobo can not return. Kiniski wins in 23 minutes by count out. (Big Thunder is on a roll)

Match 6
Ric Flair
Ray Stevens
Bay Front Arena Tampa, Fla. - Stevens throws Flair from pillar to post. Flair is bleeding and looks like a red headed wood pecker, but Flair is in great condition and wins in 35 minutes with the figure four leg lock.

Match 7
Jumbo Tsuruta
Dory Funk Sr.
Sports Arena - Amarillo, Texas - Dory Sr. taught Dory Jr. 90 % of what he knew and Dory Jr. taught Jumbo Tsuruta 90 % of what he knew. Dory Sr. wins in 28 minutes with the spinning toe hold. (100% to 80%)

Match 8
Dory Funk Jr.
Big Ox Baker
Fair Park Coliseum Lubbock, Texas - Ox takes advantage from the start as he is bigger and stronger. He tries for the heart punch several times but Dory Jr. ducks out of the ring. At the forty minute mark Ox begins to weaken. Dory Funk Jr. wins with the spinning toe hold in 48 minutes. (Ox lets the air out of three cars in the parking lot in an effort to get some oxygen.)

Match 9
Terry Funk
Stu Hart
Calgary, Alberta - Pavilion - Terry attacks Stu before the bell and builds the heat. Stu's family interferes and Terry beats up Smith, Bret, Owen, Kieth, Ross, Bruce, Wayne, Ellie, Diane, and Georgia. The bell rings with Stu bleeding profusely and Terry wins with when he pulls a gimmick and knocks Stu out in 5 minutes. (Helen Hart knocks Terry out with her loaded purse)

Match 10
Anotnio Inoki
Danny Miller
Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan - Inoki survives the airplane spin by the All American Athlete from Ohio State University and wins with the python hold in 16 minutes. Antonio Inoki can not figure how to release the Python hold until his daughter assists.

Match 11
Shawn Michaels
Johnny Valentine
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas - Big John grounds Michaels with a front face lock for the first ten minutes. Michaels fights back but Valentine catches him with a knee to the groin and elbow drop for the pin. Valentine in 22 minutes.

Match 12
The Spoiler
Karl Gotch
Dallas Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas - Spoiler walks the top rope and elbow drops on Gotch who sidesteps and beats Spoiler in 5 minutes with a German suplex. (You could have heard a pin drop during the match)

Match 13
Bret Hart
Larry Hennig
Minniapolis Minn - Bret attacks Hennig at the knees and wins in 15 with the step over leg lock.

Match 14
Ivan Koloff
Ernie Ladd
Olympic Auditorium Los Angeles - Ladd begs and backs off from Koloff for ten minutes then wins with the big foot to the face and the thumb up the---- er---- to the throat in 15 minutes.

Match 15
Carlos Colon
Joe Blanchard
Hiram Bithorn Stadium San Juan Puerto Rico - Blanchard misses a tackle and goes through the ropes and Carlos follows him to the grass on the stadium floor. Carlos throws Blanchard into the dugout and no one sees what happens but Blanchard comes out dazed and falls to the figure four leg lock on 22 minutes.

Match 16
Abdullah the Butcher
Larry Zybisco
Toronto Canada, Maple Leaf Gardens - Lary tries to suplex the Butcher but Butch is too heavy. Butch falls on top of Lary. Five minutes later, butch gets up and backs into the turnbuckle and wins with his 500 pound elbow drop.

Match 17
Dr. Death Steve Williams
Rocky Johnson
Rocky opens with dropkicks and covers but Dr. Death kicks out and counters with a series of German style suplexes followed by the Tiger Driver for the win in 14 minutes.

Match 18
Killer Karl Kox (With Alex)
Jim Londos
Littlefield Sports Arena, Littlefield, Texas - Kox tries his stalling tactics abut gets too close and Londos gets a single leg take down and chicken wing and half nelson to win in 20 minutes. Kox stays in the ring and talks it over with Alex for fifteen minutes.

Match 19
Wahoo McDaniel
Tatsumi Fujinami
Richmond Coliseum, Richmond Virginia - Fuginami is great on the mat but Wahoo lands a big chop to the throat that stuns Fujinami. The Chikasaw Choktaw Indian  dances and finishes him off in 22 minutes with a big chop off the ropes.

Match 20
Naoya Ogawa
Billy Robinson
Osaka Japan - Technically this is a great match. Robinson goes for a hiplock but Ogawa sandbags him and comes up with the stretch sleeper hold for the win in 33 minutes.

Match 21
Ray Steel
Ricki Romero
El Paso Texas at the Coliseum - In the biggest surprise of the tournament, Steel is over confident and Romero wins with a Lou Thesz Cat Leap.

Match 22
Terry Allen
Walter Palmer
Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte NC. - In a great wrestling match, Walter Palmer wins with the spinning toe hold in 25 minutes.

Match 23
Eddie Graham
Eddie Graham Sports Arena, Orlando, Florida - Tenryu hits the spin kick to the head and Eddie is bleeding and nearly loses on several occassions but comes back to win with the figure four leg lock in 28 minutes.

Match 24
Paul Jones
Jay Youngblood
Charleston, South Carolina, City Auditorium - Jay is the favorite of the fans here in Charleston and puts up a great fight before Paul Jones catches the fall in 30 minutes with the sleeper hold.

Match 25
Ted Dibiase
Hiro Matsuda
Sportatorium Tampa Florida (No television and no audience) This is Matsuda's home ground. Ted gives Matsuda all he can handle until they fight out to the floor and Matsuda bashes Teddy against the wooden railing then throws him back into the ring and wins with a front face lock submission.

Match 26
Dan "The Beast" Severn
(The Big Show) Paul Wight
Cherry Hill (Promoter Dennis Coroluzzo) The Big Show has no wrestling background and Severn is the best take down artist in the business. Paul Wight winds up on his back for the pin. Severn wins in 12 minutes.

Match 27
Mr. Wrestling  (Tim Woods)
El Santo
Ashville North Carolina (Promoter Paul Winkhouse) The flying tactics of El Santo are no match for the wrestling skills of Mr. Wrestling (Tim Woods) Mr. Wrestling is the name of the game. He wins in 15 minutes with a three quarter nelson.

Match 28
Kerry von Erich
Masa Chono
Texas Stadium, Dallas, Texas - Chono is the better wrestler but Kerry has the heart and desire. Chono tries everything but Kerry won't quit. Kerry comes back with a suplex and cover in 38 minutes to win the match.

Match 29
Paul Orndorff
David von Erich
Texas Stadium, Dallas Texas - David and Paul duke it out at David has the advantage in reach and stays away and pepers Orndorff with jabs followed by a devestating forearm from the ropes and a beautiful dropkick for the victory in 22 minutes.

Match 30
Bill Goldberg
Ron Simmons
Omni in Atlanta - Simmons is aggressive, attacking and using a power slam at the start. (Same move he beat Vader with for the WCW belt) Goldberg kicks out on two and spears Simmons followed by the Jack Hammer for the win in 5 minutes.

Match 31
Rick Steiner
(Hot Stuff) Eddie Gilbert
The early part of the match belongs to the bigger and stronger Rick Steiner but at the twenty minute mark Steiner starts to fade and Eddie comes on strong and catches Steiner with a knee lift patterned after his father's favorite move and catches the fall in 22 minutes.

Match 32
Kevin Sullivan
Sputnik Monroe
Lubbock, Texas, Fairpark Coliseum - Sputnik Monroe walks the walk and talks the talk and kicks the hell out of Kevin Sullivan in 15 minutes wining with the high knee to the forehead.

Match 33
Jose Lothario
Fukuoka Japan - Kimala splashes Lothario, knee drops him, slams him, squashes him into the turnbuckle and suplexes Jose and can not put him away. Jose Lothario wins in 22 minutes with a left to the chin and body press.

Match 34
Buzz Sawyer
Otis Klingman
Gainesville, Florida at the Oconnel Center - Buzz tries everything from a power slam to suplex and all in between and he is in the ring with a real sandbagger, Klingman wins in 24 with his specialty, the Klingman toe hold.

Match 35
Rob van Dam
Great Kabuki
ECW Arena - Philly - This is a real daredevil match as Great Kabuki (Takachiho) and Rob van Dam please the fans with aerial moves that defy belief. (Incredible match) Rob van dam does a full flip over the top rope landing on top of Kabuki. Rob throws him to the rail but Kabuki reverses and van Dam does a back flip moonsault off the rail leaving Kabuki on the floor. Rob returns to the ring and wins with a suplex from the outside in. (33 minutes)

Match 36
Val Venis
Kevin Nash
Nitro special from Atlanta (Rating 2.2) Despite the low rating for this match, Kevin wrestles his heart out and wins in 15 minutes with the power bomb.

Match 37
Iron Mike Dibiase
Don Leo Jonathan
Iron Mike takes a beating from the start and survives the onslaught by Don Leo Jonathan. With a headlock and the ref on the other side, Mike busts Don Leo Jonathan over the eye and blood is spurting. Iron mike wins in 26 minutes with the leap from the turnbuckle on the back of Don Leo Jonathan.

Match 38
Mitsuharu Misawa
Marc Mero
Marc Mero (Johnny Be Badd) fights his heart out but misses on the shooting star press and Misawa wins the match with a hard elbow smash from the ropes. (24 minutes)

Match 39
Owen Hart
Scott Steiner
Scott Steiner is by far the more powerful of the two but Owen surprises Scott with a spinkick to the face and one to the back of the head for the pin in 27 minutes.

Match 40
Crybaby Cannon
Brian Pillman
Flying Brian works circles around the rotund Crybaby Cannon and wins with the Flying cross body press from the top rope. (12 minutes) Crybaby Cannon sheds a bucket of tears and Flying Brian only farts.

Match 41
Tito Santana    Draws a bye

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