All Time Universal Championship
Tournament to decide the All Time Greatest of the Greats.
The most accurate determination ever!!!

Who really would win the matches between the greatest of all times?

Dory has gathered all of the information he is able to garner from his personal memory of these great wrestlers and all that we have been able to obtain. We have meticulously fed it into Dyno, our new 20 gigabyte computer. Dyno has processed this information and given us the winner of each match.

May 8th, 1999

Match # 23, Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund from Saskatoon is the special featured match and will be available here on Radio soon. (Please Check Back)

Round 2.

Match - 1
San Francisco Cow Palace
Ed Strangler Lewis
Pat Patterson
Ed Strangler Lewis hooks up and grabs the head lock. Thirty minutes later, Patterson submits. (What a great wrestling match!!!)

Match - 2
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles
The Rock
Gorgeous George
Gorgeous George throws Golden Georgie Pins to the ladies at ringside. Gorgeous George's Manager sprays the ring with perfume and disinfectant. He also sprays The Rock. Rock takes the mike says, "The Rock is going to kick your "Roody Poo Candy Ass. Rock proceeds to do so and wins with the Peoples' elbow in 23 minutes.

Match - 3
Marigold Arena, Chicago
Cal Farley
Buddy Rogers
Cal does a good job with some nice wrist locks and mat wrestling. At the 18 minute mark, Rogers gets the Giant Swing and on the release throws Cal Farley into the third row of ring side. Cal cannot continue. (Rogers apologizes and claims that Cal had oil on his body and he slipped.)

Match - 4
New York City, Madison Square Garden
Dutch Mantel
Bruno Sammartino
Dutch has the cigar stub in Bruno's eyes from the start and the fans in the Garden are about to riot until Bruno recovers and wins with the full nelson in 16 minutes.

Match - 5
Hemisfair Arena, San Antonio
Bruiser Brody
Tully Blanchard
Tully gives his best in front of a home town sell out crowd and goes for the top rope assisted brain buster on Brody but Brody lands on the apron and flying mares Tully out to the floor where in a brawl, Brody leaves Tully lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Brody wins by count out in 20 minutes.

Match - 6
Sumo Hall, Tokyo
Danny Hodge
Stan Hansen
Stan't rough house tactics don't work as Danny Hodge counters with amateur wrestling moves to take the "Big Man" down. It is a tough match for Stan in front of the Tokyo fans. Hodge wins with a guillotine in 24 minutes.

Match - 7
Shea Stadium, New York
The Undertaker
Andre The Giant
Andre head butts the Undertaker from the start and has the Dead Man reeling for the early part of the match. Andre covers with a beg splash but the Undertaker kicks out and goes for the Tombstone pile driver but can not lift the Giant. Paul Bearer is on the apron and Andre gives Paul a Head butt and the Undertaker tackles Andre in the knee from behind. Undertaker with a press in 33 minutes.

Match - 8
Hereford, Texas - The Hereford Bull Barn
Dick Murdoch
Murdoch attacks at the bell and gives the Destroyer a beal from corner to corner by the mask. The second time he tries, the mask comes off revealing Dick Beyer. Dick Beyer goes for the figure four and Dick gets to the ropes. Beyer grabs a head lock to pull him in and Dick suplexes Beyer off and covers. Dick Murdoch wins in 18 minutes.

Match - 9
The Gardens, Vancouver
Gene Kiniski
Stone Cold Steve Austin
This is a pier six brawl from the start. Austin with more punching and Kiniski mixing punches, chops, and wrestling moves. Kiniski wins with a back breaker in 17 minutes.

Match - 10
Cobo Hall, Detroit
Hulk Hogan
Bobo Brazil
Bobo is fresh from a victory over the legendary Lou Thesz and keeps the momentum going with a Koko butt to the bald head of Hogan for the win in 9 minutes.

Match - 11
Charlotte Coliseum
Ric Flair
Flair matches Sheik's attack with gimmicks with chops to the neck that go off like a shotgun. They fight on the floor and into the concession stand, then back to the ring where Flair wins with the figure four leg lock.

Match - 12
Fair park Arena, Lubbock, Texas
Dory Funk Sr.
Harley Race
The early part of the match is all Harley Race bashing Dory Funk Sr. with the straight left fist to the forehead. Funk finally sees the blood and goes crazy. Dory Funk Sr. wins with a flurry of punches and the spinning toe hold.

Match - 13
Minneapolis, Minn
Dory Funk Jr.
Nick Bockwinkle
This is a great wrestling match later to be featured in a return match at Slamboree. Funk and Nick Bockwinkel fight to a sixty minute draw but Dory Funk Jr. wins for advantage on points and aggressiveness in the final ten minutes.

Match - 14
Charlotte Coliseum
Terry Funk
Ricky Steamboat
Steamboat is pissed because Terry Funk called his kid a "Half Breed" on interviews. Steamboat attacks at the bell and pummels Terry Funk into a bloody mess and Steamboat is disqualified in 22 minutes.

Match - 15
San Francisco, Cow Palace
Jack Brisco
Ray Stevens
Stevens has the early part of the match but Brisco's wrestling skills prevail and Jack wins with the figure four in 22 minutes.

Match - 16
Osaka, Japan
Jumbo Tsuruta
King Curtis Iaukea
The King is awesome at 320 pounds but misses the saluting splash from the second rope. Jumbo wins with a high knee in 15 minutes.

Match - 17
Yokohama Arena, Japan
Anotnio Inoki
Blackjack Lanza
Antonio Inoki with the python stretch in 10 minutes. Blackjack was wrestling without the services of Bobby Heenan as in Japan they don't use managers in most cases.

Match - 18
Houston at the Sam Houston Coliseum
Cowboy Bob Ellis
Johnny Valentine
Ellis punches and stomps his way to the advantage in the early going but Big John wins with a front face lock in 28 minutes.

Match - 19
Sumo Hall, Tokyo
Verne Gagne
This is one of the greatest matches in Japan between two icons. At the twenty minute mark, they both fight outside the ring and are both counted out. )Both men lose and both are eliminated from the tournament.

Match - 20
Atlanta, City Auditorium
Ox Baker (Mgr. Big Bad John)
 Mark Lewin
Big Ox Baker continues his winning ways with the heart punch in 12 minutes.

Match - 21
Palatka, Florida
Gerald Brisco
Karl Gotch
The amateur wrestling at the start of the match is all Brisco but Gotch catches Gerald off guard at the 23 minute mark with a German Suplex.

Match - 22
Honolulu, Hawaii
Stu Hart
Peter Miavia
This match is slow, like two freight trains pushing against each other. (Not crashing, pushing) Stu wins by submission with a top wrist lock in 32 minutes.

Match - 23
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Bret Hart
Bob Backlund
To hear the result, listen to Mark Nulty on live radio (Please check back soon)

Match - 24
Baton Rouge, La.
Ernie Ladd
Jody Hamiliton
Ernie prevails with the big thumb and a boot to the face for good measure in 15 minutes.

Match - 25
Caguas, Puerto Rico
Carlos Colon
Kurt Hennig
Carlos with the backing of the Puerto Rican wrestling fans is the hero with the figure four leg lock in 12 minutes.

Match - 26
Kansas City, Mo - Municipal Auditorium
Angus Campbell
Danny Miller
Black Angus Cambpell goes for the tombstone pile drive but Dandy Dan slips behind with a Pat O'Connor roll up. Mill wins in 22 minutes.

Match - 27
Madison Square Garden, NY
 Dr. Bill Miller
Shawn Michaels
Toughest battle of Shawn Michaels career as Miller choke slams Michaels straight back and nearly knocks him out cold. Shawn stays with the punishment and wins in 20 minutes when Miller misses a shoulder block into the corner and Michael's wins with a rolling guillotine.

Match - 28
Dallas, Texas, Sportatorium
Roddy Piper
The Spoiler
Spoiler walks the top rope and crashes down on Piper for the victory in 14 minutes.

Match -
Montreal Canada
Eduoward Carpentier
Abdullah the Butcher
Carpentier flips and cartwheels but Abdullah cuts him to pieces with a series of Karate Chops to the throat and follows up with the big elbow drop for the win in 12 minutes.

Match - 29
Dallas, Texas, Reunion Arena
Dr. Death Steve Williams
Michael P.S.Hayes
Dr. Death wins in short order with the Tiger Driver Suplex in 8 minutes.

Match - 30
Memphis, Mid South Coliseum
Jerry Lawler
Larry Hennig
Larry Hennig's beg ham hock forearm punches are too much for Lawler to handle. Hennig in 23 minutes.

Match - 31
Lubbock, Texas - Fair Park Arena
Terry Garvin
Jim Londos
It takes a great effort and 25 minutes for Londos to win with the Klingman toe hold for submission.

Match - 32
Greenville Coliseum, Greenville South Carolina
Ivan Koloff
Man Mountain Mike
Man Mountain Mike misses the Man Mountain Splash and Koloff wins in 22 with the Russian sycle.

Match - 33
San Antonio, Texas
Joe Blanchard
Nikita Koloff
Football tackles from the start put Nikita at the disadvantage and Blanchard wins in 12 minutes.

Match - 34
Omni in Atlanta
Bronko Nagurski
Wahoo McDaniel
In this one it is football great vs football great and both men tackle each other in a crunching manner but it is Wahoo's chops that prevail. Wahoo in 22 with his Indian Dance and big chop off the ropes.

Match - 35
Yokohama Arena, Yokohama Japan
Warrior Animal
Naoya Ogawa
Warrior Animal starts with a power slam catching Ogawa by surprise. As they come to their feet, Ogawa hits a spin kick to the face and puts on the sleeper hold. Ogawa wins in 4 minutes.

Match - 36
Miami, Convention Hall
Warrior Hawk
Rocky Johnson
Hawk uses power moves at the start and climbs the top rope for the flying tackle and Johnson moves and hits a series of drop kicks for the win in 8 minutes.

Match - 37
Borger, Texas
 Moose Moroski
 Ray Steel
Ray Steel wins with a top body scissors in 15 minutes.

Match - 38
Tampa Armory, Tampa Florida
Brian Blair
Larry Zybisco
This is a great wrestling match. Brian has Zybisco on the run and makes the mistake of trying to body slam him from the outside in and Larry Zybisco wins with an outside in roll up in 20 minutes.

Match - 39
Littlefield Sports Arena, Littlefield Texas the home of Waylon Jennings.
Killer Karl Kox
Kenji Shibuya
Killer Karl Kox sets a record for going 17 minutes without touching his opponent and the people are hot. Kox wins with the Brain buster in 33 minutes.

Match - 40
El Paso Coliseum, El Paso, Texas
Gory Guerrero
Walter Palmer
Walter Palmer is the originator of the spinning toe hold and wins the match with it in 22 minutes.

Match - 41
Brownwood, Texas at the Brownwood Coliseum
Ricki Romero
Baron Von Raschke (Mgr. Heenan)
Romero escapes the claw and Heenan is on the apron. Heenan holds Romero and Baron tries for the claw but Romero ducks and Raschke puts the claw on Heenan. He can't pull his hand free until Romero rolls him up from behind for the pin in 22 minutes.

Match - 42
Tampa Armory
 Fritz von Erich
Eddie Graham
Fritz throws Eddie Graham into the ropes and grabs the iron face claw as Eddie is running toward him. Fritz topples over and even though he still has the claw, Eddie is on top for the three count in 11 minutes.

Match - 43
Charleston SC, City Auditorium
Paul Jones
Mitsu Arakawa
Paul takes a karate blow early in the match but Mitsu can not finish him off. Mitsu goes for the salt but Paul ducks and the salt goes in the referee's eyes. Paul comes back but the referee stops the match and declares Paul the winner on disqualification.

Match - 44
Robards Arena in Sarasota, Florida
 Bob Geigel
Hiro Matsuda
Geigel goes for a big hip toss and tries a second time but Matsuda reverses it into a backslide pin in 22 minutes.

Match - 45
Orlando Fairgrounds
 Steve Kiern
Tatsumi Fujinami
Kiern has the sleeper but Fujinami charges the turnbuckle and ducks. Kiern knocks himself out and Fujinami wins with a body press in 12 minutes.

Match - 46
Arena Mexico, Mexico City
Dan "The Beast" Severn
El Grand Goliath
Severn slows the style of El Gran Goliath amd wins with an arm bar in 22 minutes.

Match - 47
Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto
Mad Dog Vachon
El Santo
El Santo is in trouble most of the match but catches an overconfident Vachon of gard with a drop-kick and head first dive from the top rope for the win in 18 minutes.

Match - 48
Reunion Arena in Dallas
 Pedro Morales
Kerry von Erich
Kerry is so big and so strong and so agile. Kerry wins with the Discus punch in 18 minutes.

Match - 49
Reunion Arena in Dallas
David von Erich
Rick Rude
Rude is a tough one to handle but Kerry is in David's corner and provides a distraction and David wins with the Iron Face Claw.

Match - 50
Weigan England in The Pit
Kanyon (Mrg. James Vandenburg)
Billy Robinson
In the "Pit" Robinson suplexes Kanyon at will and wins the match in 15 with a double arm suplex.

Match - 51
Nassau Coliseum, Long Island NY
 Bill Goldberg
Mankind comes to the ring in white shirt and tie and while he is loosening his tie, Goldberg attacks and wins with the Jack Hammer in 4 minutes.

Match - 52
Ralleigh NC
Randy Savage
Terry Allen
Savage comes from the top rope to the floor on Terry Allen and tries for the pin but Allen surprises everyone by kicking out and winning with a DDT from out of the Blue.

Match - 53
Tokyo Dome
Chris Beniot
Chris gives Tenryu all the wrestling he can handle but picks up Tenryu's left leg and Tenryu hits him in the back of the head with a vicious spin kick for the fall in 15 minutes.

Match - 54
Fayetteville NC
Jay Youngblood
 Tiger Mask
Jay Youngblood upsets the Japanese wrestling world with a victory over Tiger Mask in front of his best fans in wrestling in Fayetteville. Jay with an abdominal stretch and roll back for the three count in 22 minutes of a great match.

Match - 55
Bithorn Stadium, San Juan Puerto Rico
(Hot Stuff) Eddie Gilbert
Scott Casey
Hot Stuff Eddie does his thing in Bithorn Stadium and gains the victory when Scott Casey tries a sunset flip from the top rope but the agile Eddie rolls back all the way through and comes up with the pin fall in 12 minutes.

Match - 56
Fairpark Arena, Lubbock, Texas
Sputnik Monroe
Johnny Ace
This match is tougher than Borden House Pie. Sputnik has his fists tapped and cuts Cyclone over the eye and blood is everywhere. The referee stops the match and awards it to Sputnik because of too much blood in 28 minutes.

Match - 57
Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, Ill.
Kane (DQ)
Jose Lothario
This match is all Kane who handles Jose at will until Kane tries for a roundhouse right and Jose ducks and clips Kane right on the chin. The Big Red man goes down for the three count in 15 minutes. Vince McMahon fires the referee for daring to count Kane's shoulders down.

Match - 58
Otis Klingman  gets a bye

Match - 59
Jackson Mississippi
Ted Dibiase
Leroy McGuirk
There is real heat in this match as Leroy has heard that Teddy has been flirting with his daughter Mike. The rules are that Teddy must touch Leroy to start the match as Leroy is blind. After a clean break on the ropes, Ted blind sides Leroy with a closed fist to the chin and wins in 4 minutes.

Match - 60
St. Bernard Parish, New Orleans, LA.
 Buck (Yellow Belly) Robely
 (The Big Show)
Yellow Belly Robely cuts The Big Show over the eye with a gimmick but is no match as The Big Show wins with the choke slam in 15 minutes.

Match - 61
Breman Germany
Mr. Wrestling  (Tim Woods)
Otto Wanz
Tim wrestled a University of Minnesota and uses this skill to out maneuver Otto and gain a victory in 12 minutes with a three quarter nelson.

Match - 62
ECW Arena, Philly
Rob van Dam
Vadar throws Rob van Dam all over the ring and is in complete control but loses his cool and follows Rob to the floor and Van Dam throws a chair at Vadar who makes the mistake of catching it and Van Dam gets the Vandaminator on the floor and Vadar is counted out. Van Dam in 18 minutes.

Match - 63
Hokaido, Japan
Kevin Nash
Riki Choshu
Devin Nash is too big and too strong for the smaller Ricki Choshu and wins in 10 minutes with the power bomb. (After the loss in his home away from home, Korea. Ricki Choshu commits hari kari in the middle of the ring.

Match - 64
 Odessa, Texas - Ector County Coliseum
Iron Mike Dibiase
 Lex Luger
Luger is big and strong but Iron Mike was a former Big Ten Champion from University of Nebraska. Iron Mike with a leap from the top rope in 23 minutes.

Match - 65
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Dynamite Kid
Masa Chono
Dynamite Kid misses on a flying flip over the top rope to the floor and Chono brings him into the ring to win with a front face lock and three count in 20 minutes.

Match - 66
Atlanta at the Omni
 Paul Orndorff
 Hiro Hase
Hase has the edge in wrestling but he tries to mix it with Orndorff in a fight and takes a beating. Orndorff in 22 minutes with a sugar hold.

Match - 67
Tallahassee at Florida State University Coliseum
Scott Hall
Ron Simmons
Scott Hall loses in 15 minutes to a surprise Power Slam for the three count. (Same maneuver he beat Vader with for the world championship in Atlanta for WCW)

Match - 68
Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan
 Mitsuharu Misawa
Bam Bam Bigelow
Bigelow is thrown to the floor and Misawa dives off the apron with a devastating forearm. Vader returns to the ring and loses to a cross face submission in 22 minutes.

Match - 69
Knoxville, Tenn - Coliseum
Scott Steiner
Buddy Landel
Buddy praises the Lord and does the Ric Flair strut to perfection but Scott executes a perfect Frankensteiner for the win in 8 minutes.

Match - 70
Ponce - San Juan Puerto Rico
Brian Pillman
Al Perez
Perez goes for the spinning toe hold and Pillman cradles him for the win in 10 minutes.

Match - 71
Gainsville, Fla at the O'Connel Center
Rick Steiner
Ken Petera
Patera softens Steiner and throw him to the rope and catches him coming off with a bear hug. Steiner comes fast and high and Patera loses his balance and Steiner wins with a Cat Leap in 13 minutes.

Match - 72
Tampa at the Sportatorium
Kevin Sullivan
 Dino Bravo
Dino works into the Bear Hug but Kevin reaches in his tights and pulls out the Golden spike and stabs Dino in the head. Blood spurts everywhere and Kevin wins when the referee stops the match. (12 minutes)

Match - 73
Detroit, Cobo Hall
 Buzz Sawyer
 Don Kent
Buzz Sawyer does the best power slam in the business and catches Kent in it for the fall in 15 minutes.

Match - 74
Corpus Christy, Texas
Great Kabuki
 Bob Sweetan
Kabuki comes to the ring and sprays the mist. During the match, Sweetan throws Kabuki to the floor. As Kabuki comes to the apron, Sweetan approaches and again Kabuki sprays the mysterious mist in Sweetan's eyes and covers for the win in 22 minutes.

Match - 75
Lagos Nigeria at National Stadium
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
The fans, the referee, the promoter, and security are all on the side of Kimala. Kimala wins with a splash and press in 6 minutes.

Match - 76
Corpus Christy, Texas
Tito Santana
Eddie Guerrero
Tito Santana (Real name, Merced Solice, Offensive End for West Texas State University) is too big and too strong for Eddie Guerrero and wins with the power bomb in 17 minutes.

Match - 77
Madison Square Garden, NY
Val Venis (DQ)
Diamond Dallas Page
Diamond Dallas goes for the Diamond cutter but Val hangs on to the ropes and Page takes the bump. Val follows with a low blow and splash from the top rope in 18 minutes.

Match - 78
Sumo Hall, Tokyo
Don Leo Jonathan
Both men crash into each other several times and Yokozuna blows up and Don Leo Jonathan body slams the big sumo man and covers for the pins.

Match - 78
Hartford, Conn.
Marc Mero
Honkytonk Man
Mark is an exceptional athlete and Honky Tonk can't sing worth a damn. Marc sets a record short match by blasting Honky Tonk Man with his guitar and covering him as soon as the bell rings for the win. (Six Seconds)

Match - 79
Dallas, Texas at the Sportatorium
Owen Hart
Duke Keomuka
Owen wins with the Sharpshooter after a hard fought match in 23 minutes.

Match - 80
Detroit, Cobo Hall
 Mongolian Stomper (DQ)
Crybaby Cannon
Stomper attacks at the bell and kicks the hell out of Cannon. The referee tries to stop him but Stomper continues the attack and is disqualified. Cannon's hand is raised in victory and he sits in the middle of the ring and bawls like a baby.

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