All Time Universal Championship
Tournament to decide the All Time Greatest of the Greats.
The most accurate determination ever!!!

Who really would win the matches between the greatest of all times?

Dory has gathered all of the information he is able to garner from his personal memory of these great wrestlers and all that we have been able to obtain. We have meticulously fed it into Dyno, our new 20 gigabyte computer. Dyno has processed this information and given us the winner of each match.

Round 1.
Round 2.
Round 3.
Round 4.
Round 5.
Round 6.
Round 7.
Round 8.
Round 9.
Final Round

Match 1
Ed Strangler Lewis vs Raymon Torrez
(Ft. Worth Livestock Arena, 1933)
Ed Strangler Lewis takes a headlock to start the match.  33 minutes later Raymon submits.  (Now that was "real" wrestling!!!) Concession business set a record.

Match 2
The Rock vs Moondog Spot
(Poukeepsie arena, 1987)
The Rock wins with the Corporate Elbow with the Rock Bottom in 8 minutes.  (Moondog hits Rock with his Hambone and Rock "No-sells it.")

Match 3
Cal Farley vs Mr. Fuji
(Amarillo Livestock Arena, 1945)
Mr. Fuji's size over powers Cal until Cal Farley upsets Mr. Fuji with a rolling cradle.  (Cal never met a boy he didn't like)

Match 4
Dutch Mantel (1930's) vs Ripper Collins
(HIC Arena, 1965)
Dutch Mantel burns Ripper Collins with his cigar to start the match.  Dutch wins with a Sugar Hold.

Match 5
Bruiser Brody vs Antonio Rocca
(Madison Square Garden, 1952)
Brusier Brody makes short work of Rocca with a High Knee Drop and body slam in 5 minutes.

Match 6
Al Costello vs Danny Hodge
(Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Arena, 1965)
Danny Hodge wins with an Oklahoma Cross Body Ride and Pin Fall in 6 minutes.

Match 7
The Undertaker vs The Hangman (Managed by Dr. Ken Ramey)
(Atlanta City Auditorium, 1972)
The Undertaker bloodies Ken Ramey's nose and beats the Hangman with the Choke-slam. Paul Bearer then burries Ken Ramey alive!!!

Match 8
Billy Darnell vs Buddy Rogers
(Marigold Arena - Chicago, 1946)
Billy Darnell looks as if he has sprouted wings as he flies like a bird. Buddy slams him, Buddy back body drops him, Buddy airplane spins him, and then giant swings Darnell for the victory.

Match 9
Gorilla Monsoon vs Dick Murdoch
(Amarillo Sports Arena, 1968)
Monsoon rides Murdoch for fifteen minutes but succumbs to Murdoch's Brain Buster Suplex. After the match Murdoch chugs a case of Coors. (Dick is the mold for Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Match 10
Gene Stanlee vs Bruno Sammartino
(Madison Square Garden, 1950)
Sammartino wins with a power slam in 5 minutes. Stanlee protests use of the tights. (Sammartino never musses his wig.)

Match 11
Pat Patterson vs Stan Stasiak
(Cow Palace - San Francisco, 1964)
Pat Patterson wins with the "Go Behind"  after surviving the heart punch in 22 minutes.

Match 12
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Superstar Billy Graham
(Madison Square Garden, 1998)
Stone Cold arrives in a Coors Truck, chugs a cool one and wins with The Stunner in 7 minutes.

Match 13
Miguel Perez vs Hulk Hogan
(Roberto Clemente Coliseum, San Juan Puerto Rico, 1979)
Hogan wins with The Leg Drop in 5 minutes.  (Miguel collects double pay for jobbing to Hogan)

Match 14
Andre The Giant vs Fred Blassie
(Olympic Auditorium, 1978)
At the bell Blassie bites Andre in the head. Andre bleeds but wins in 7 minutes with a head butt and cover.

Match 15
Gene Kiniski vs Giant Baba
(The Gardens in Vancouver B.C. 1963)
Gene Kiniski wins with a Giant Swing after a great match in 28 minutes.

Match 16
Killer Kowalski vs Ric Flair
(Sydney Stadium - Sydney Australia, 1965)
This match is action packed as both men fight outside the ring.  A bleeding Flair wins with the Figure Four.

Match 17
Dory Funk Sr. vs Mil Mascares
(Amarillo Sports Arena, 1952)
The early advantage is with Mascares but Dory Sr. wins with the Spinning Toe Hold in 20 minutes.

Match 18
Dory Funk Jr. vs Arn Anderson
(St. Louis, Kiel Auditorium - 1987)
Arn is managed by Ric Flair - Flair holds Funk from the apron, Anderson throws a punch, Funk ducks, Arn hits his buddy and can't recover
his composure. Funk in 15 with the spinning toe hold.

Match 19
Terry Funk vs Roy Heffernan
(Cobo Hall in Detroit, 1972)
Terry wins as he empties a trash can over Heffernan's head and bangs it with a chair. Heffernan has lost his equilibrium and can't continue.

Match 20
Harley Race vs  Ron Miller
(Festival Hall in Melbourne Australia)
Race wins with the indian death lock in 18 minutes.

Match 21
 Sonny Myers vs Destroyer
(Sumo Hall Tokyo Japan, 1959)
Sonny tries the Sleeper Hold. Destroyer crawls to the ropes and later wins with the Figure Four Leg Lock.

Match 22
Jack Brisco vs John Tolos
(Tampa Armory, 1968)
Brisco wins in 11 minutes with the Figure Four Leg Lock.

Match 23
Bobo Brazil vs Lou Thesz
(Cobo Hall in Detroit, 1960)
Bobo is too big and too strong, kicking out of the Cat Leap and pinning Thesz with the Koko Butt.

Match 24
Tully Blanchard vs  Ronnie Etcheson
(Memorial Hall Kansas City, 1961)
Tully wins in 15 minutes with the Springboard Brain buster.

Match 25
Jumbo Tsuruta vs Larry Hamilton
(Memorial Hall in Kansas City, 1972)
Jumbo wins with the front suplex in 22 minutes.

Match 26
 Pat O'Connor vs Sheik
(Maple Leaf Gardens - Toronto, 1963)
O'Connor tries the O'Connor Roll Up but Sheik recovers and jabs Pat in the head with his gimmick for the win.

Match 27
Anotnio Inoki  vs Terry Gordy
(Osaka Arena - Osaka Japan, 1970)
Inoki wins with the Python Submission in 15 minutes.

Match 28
Fabulous Moolah vs Ricky Steamboat
(City Auditorium - Charlston South Carolina, 1948)
Moolah kicks the Hell out of Steamboat for 15 minutes then collapses from exhaustion. Steamboat covers for the victory.

Match 29
Stan Hansen vs Dusty Rhodes
(Eddie Graham Sportatorium, 1972)
Dusty's shake, rattle, and roll elbow bomb is ineffective as Stan wins with the Lariat in 8 minutes.

Match 30
Johnny Valentine vs Sid Vicious
(Sports Arena, Amarillo, Texas 1979)
Big John hammers Sid on the ropes and takes a reverse chin lock. Twenty minutes later, Sid submits.

Match 31
Tommy Rich vs Verne Gagne
(The Omni 1978)
Verne Gagne wins with a series of devastating drop kicks in 15 minutes.

Match 32
Johnny Powers vs Nick Bockwinkle
(Pittsburgh Penn, 1975)
Nick Bockwinkel takes a headlock and powers' hair slips to the side. Nick wins with a front suplex.

Match 33
Gorgeous George Sr. vs Don Eagle
(Marigold Gardens in Chicago, 1947)
Don Eagle is in trouble but his wife beats the drum. Don Eagle dances and then fights back with drop kicks. Gorgeous George cowers to the corner then strikes with a low blow. George wins in 17 minutes.

Match 34
Ray Stevens vs Dick the Bruiser
(Indianapolis, Indiana, 1964)
Bruiser tears a board off the steps and cuts Ray's head. Stevens wins with a Bombs Away knee from the top rope.

Match 35
Illio DiPaolo  vs Rickidozan.
(Sumo Hall, Tokyo, 1958)
Rickidosan wins with a Boston Crab in 17 minutes.

Match 36
Bear Cat Wright vs King Curtis Iaukea
(HIC Arena - Honolulu, 1965)
King Curtice wins with the Saluting Splash from the second rope in 13 minutes.

Match 37
Ox Baker (Mgr. Big Bad John) vs  Jack 'The Neck ' Vansky
(Madison Square Garden, 1961)
Jack "The Neck Vansky" does the job one more time, losing to Oxes Heart Punch in 12 minutes.

Match 38
Benito Gardini  vs Mark Lewin
(Festival Hall - Melbourne Australia, 1965)
Announcer Jack Little: "From the land of the star of  David, I give you Mark Lewin. - From the land of the Roman Empire, I give you, the "Little Flower," Benito Gardini.  Mark is the winner in 25 minutes with the Sleeper Hold.

Match 39
Red Bastien vs Blackjack Lanza
(St. Louis Arena - 1972)
Announcer Larry Maddisik declares Lanza the winner after a leg trip by Lanza's manager, Bobby Heenan.

Match 40
Karl Gotch vs Superfly Jimmy Snuka
(New York - Madison Square Garden, 1980)
Karl Gotch wins with a Chicken Wing and Half Nelson in 28 minutes.

Match 41
 Stu Hart vs Blackjack Mulligan
(Saskatoon Saskatchewan - 1955)
Stu Hart wins in ten minutes with the Klingman Toe Hold.

Match 42
Gerald Brisco vs Johnny Valiant
(Atlanta at The Omni, 1971)
Gerald Brisco wins with the Oklahoma Rolling Cradle in 12 minutes.

Match 43
Jimmy Valiant vs Bret Hart
(Greenville Coliseum, Greenville SC.)
The home town fans back the Boogie Woogie Man but Bret wins with the Sharpshooter in 8 minutes.

Match 44
Sgt. Slaughter vs Ernie Ladd
(Jacksonville Coliseum - Jacksonville, Florida 1972)
Ernie Ladd, From Grambling University on an Achedemic scholarship, gives Sgt. Slaughter the big thumb to the neck followed by a big foot to the face for the win.

Match 45
Gorilla Marconi vs  Cowboy Bob Ellis
(San Angelo Coliseum, San Angelo, Texas - 1966)
Gorilla Marconi (He has hair all over his body hence the name Gorilla) Marconi has success early with a side headlock but Ellis pulls the hair on Marconi's back and Marconi loses his concentration. Cowboy Bob wins it with the Bull Dog Headlock in 17 minutes.

Match 46
Ray Gunkel vs Bob Backlund
(Atlanta City Auditorium, 1970)
This is a great wrestling match and goes the one hour time limit with Backlund gaining the decision.

Match 47
Sam Steamboat vs Jody Hamiliton
Amarillo Sports Arena, 1957
Silent Joe Hamilton wins this one with the Abdominal Stretch in 33 minutes.

Match 48
Peter Miavia vs Mike George
(City Auditorium, Kansas City Mo. 1973)
Bill Kerston announces Peter Miavia the winner with the double arm suplex in 15 minutes.

Match 49
Kurt Hennig vs The Medic (Managed by Dr. Ken Ramey)
(Atlanta, City Auditorium - 1972)
Kurt Hennig wins on a disqualification for interference in the match by Dr. Ken Ramey.

Match 50
Angus Campbell vs Chris Tolos
(City Auditorium - Kansas City, 1971)
Black Angus Campbell wins with the reverse upside down pile driver.

Match 51
 Hans Schmidt vs Danny Miller
(Fair Park Coliseum - Lubbock, Texas, 1962)
Danny Miller wins in 15 minutes with a well executed Pat O'Connor Roll Up.

Match 52
 Dr. Bill Miller vs Mr. Moto
(Olympic Auditorium Los Angeles, 1963)
Dr. Bill Miller (Veterinarian) wins with a running power slam in 14 min

Match 53
Shawn Michaels vs Bobby Eaton
(Chicago at the Rosemount Horizon, 1997)
Shawn Michaels wins in 17 minutes when Bobby misses a splash from the top rope.

Match 54
Rick Martel vs Roddy Piper
(The Scope in Norfolk Virginia, 1983)
Piper wins in 20 minutes with the Figure Four Leg Lock.

Match 55
Spiros Arianne vs The Spoiler
(Sydney Stadium, Sydney Australia - 1964)
The Spoiler, Don Jardin is too big and too strong and wins the match with an elbow from the top rope.

Match 56
Angelo Poffo vs Carlos Colon
(Hiram Bithorne Stadium, San Juan Pureto Rico, 1982)
Carlos Colon wins in 25 minutes with the hold of the champions, the Figure Four Leg Lock.

Match 57
Eduoward Carpentier vs Joe Leduc
(Toronto Canada, Maple Leaf Gardens, 1967)
Eduoward Carpentier wins with the first moonsault from the top rope in wrestling in 20 minutes.

Match 58
Don Muraco vs Abdullah the Butcher
(The Pavilion in Calgary, Alberta Canada)
In a bloody battle, Abdula The Butcher wins with the big elbow drop.

Match 59
 Jackie Fargo vs Dr. Death Steve Williams
(Nashville, Tennessee - City Auditorium, 1967)
Steve wins in 5 minutes with the tiger driver. Fargo is knocked out and has never been the same since.

Match 60
Chrusher Lisowski vs Michael P.S.Hayes
(Reunion Arena, Dallas Texas - 1983)
Michael's partner Jimmy Garvin is at ringside with Precious. Crusher is distracted and Hays wins with a cradle.

Match 61
Jerry Lawler vs Plowboy Frasier
(Memphis City Auditorium, 1975)
Lawler takes the plowboy off his feet and batters him with 15 punches to the head, then covers for the pin.

Match 62
Larry Hennig vs Ronnie Garvin
(Miniapolis Minnesota, 1968)
Garvin's fists of steel are no match for the Axe. Hennig wins in 18 minutes.

Match 63
Rickey Morton  vs Terry Garvin
(Jonesboro Arkansas, 1981)
Ricky Morton is smaller and faster but Garvin is a tough brawler. Garvin in 12 minutes.

Match 64
Jim Londos vs Robert Gibson
(The Omni in Atlanta, 1982)
Jim Londos has it all together as he is the perfect wrestler in beating Robert in 8 minutes.

Match 65
Terry Taylor vs Ivan Koloff
Charlotte Coliseum, 1987
Koloff keeps the pressure of brawling vs Taylor's wrestling and destroys Taylor in 6 minutes.

Match 66
Tom Prichard  vs Man Mounain Mike
(Amarillo, Texas - 1972)
Man Mountain Mike is too much for the smaller Prichard unti Tom moves out on his Big Splash, winner, Dr. Tom.

Match 67
Joe Blanchard vs  Bill Watts
(Oklahoma City, 1968)
Three low football tackles from this University of Kansas football star puts Watts' shoulders to the mat.

Match 68
Bronko Nagurski vs Cheif Jay Strongbow
(City Auditorium Columbus, Ga.)
The Chief is in trouble, then dances and blows himself up. Bronco Nagurski wins with a football tackle in 22 minutes.

Match 69
Wahoo McDaniel vs  Adrain street
(Charlotte Coliseum - 1984)
Wahoo dances and chops his way to a victory in 15 minutes. (Miss Linda sheds tears)

Match 70
Nikita Koloff vs Jake Roberts
(Convention Hall - Miami, 1983)
The Big Russian is too much for Jake (Later to be the snake) Roberts. Kolof in 17 minutes.

Match 71
Rene Goulet vs Warrior Animal
(Odessa, Texas - Ector County Coliseum)
Warrior takes the offensive from the start and wins with a power slam in 12 minutes.

Match 72
Naoya Ogawa vs Flying Freddie Curry
(Cobo Hall in Detroit, 1973)
With his father, Bull Curry in his corner, Flying Freddie misses a Flying Drop-kick and Ogawa applies the sleeper for the fall.

Match 73
Dean Ho vs Warrior Hawk
(HIC - Honolulu Hawaii, 1970)
Warrior Hawk wins with a flying tackle off the top rope in 12 minutes.

Match 74
The Masked Superstar vs Rocky Johnson
(Olympic Auditorium - Los Angeles, 1974)
Rocky Johnson wins with three drop-kicks in rapid succession in 15 minutes.

Match 75
 Moose Moroski  vs Tony Garea
(Abilene, Texas 1968 - Fair Park Auditorium)
Tony throws two tackles at the Moose and on the third catches a boot to the face. Moose wins in 9 minutes.

Match 76
 Ray Steel vs Haystacks Calhoun
(St. Louis - Kiel Auditorium, 1939)
Ray Steel makes short work of Haystack winning with a Sugar Hold in 4 minutes.

Match 77
Larry Zybisco vs Tim Woods
(Madison Square Garden, 1975)
Tim Woods gets the Sleeper Hold but Zybisco kicks the turnbuckle and falls on top for the pin in 23 minutes.

Match 78
Killer Karl Krupp vs Killer Karl Kox -
(El Paso, Texas at the Coliseum - 1969)
Kox takes a whipping with Krupp's Swaggerschstick but wins the match with the Brain buster.

Match 79
Gory Guerrero vs Apache Gringo
(Guadalajara Mexico, 1956)
Gory Guerrero wins with a German Suplex.  Mexicans run Apache Gringo across the border for impersonating a Mexican.

Match 80
Pak Song vs Ricki Romero
(Brownwood, Texas - Brownwood Coliseum)
Pak Song uses the Stomache Claw but Romero escapes to win with the rolling leg lock.

Match 81
Walter Palmer vs Wilber Snyder
(Marigold Gardens - Chicago, 1947)
Walter Palmer is the first man to ever use the Spinning Toe Hold and wins in 34 minutes.

Match 82
Baron Von Raschke (Mgr. Heenan) vs Adorable Adrian Adonis
(Kiel Auditorium St. Louis1974)
Baron Von Raschke takes a beating at the start but recovers to win with the Iron Face Claw in 28 minutes.

Match 83
 Fritz von Erich  vs Pampero Firpo "Ooooh Yeaaah"
(Sportatorium Dallas, Texas - 1973)
Fritz attacks with big kicks to the abdomen and follows with the Iron Face Claw for the pin in 9 minutes.

Match 84
 Golddust vs Eddie Graham
(Robard's Auditorium Sarasota, Florida)
Golddust sets Eddie up for the Shattered Dreams but Mike Graham unties Eddie's leg and he cradle's Goldust for the win.

Match 85
Dick Slater vs Paul Jones
(Charlotte Coliseum 1983)
Slater suplexes Jones from the apron into the ring knocking both men out. Jones covers Slater for the win.

Match 86
Brian Blair vs Johnny Weaver
(The Armory in Tampa Florida, 1982)
Weaver applies the sleeper hold but Brian crams him back into the corner and power slams for the win.

Match 87
 Boris Malenko vs Bob Geigel
(Memorial Hall Kansas City Mo.)
Malenko tries the Russian Sycle but Giegel escapes and wins in 20 minutes with the Algona Atom Bomb.

Match 88
Hiro Matsuda vs Dr. D. David Schultz
(Tampa Sportatorium on Albany Street. (TV))
Shults slaps Matsuda in the face and that is a mistake as Matsuda wins with a three quarter nelson in 12 minutes.

Match 89
 Tatsumi Fujinami vs Moondog Mayne
(Odessa, Texas - Ector County Coliseum 1973)
Moondog Mayne is mystified by the wrestling manouvers of Fujinami. Mayne kicks fujinami in the face, throws him to the floor and bashes him with a chair then brings him in the ring for a Moondog suplex. Fujinami reverses it for the win in 23 minutes.

Match 90
George "the Animal" Steele vs Dan "The Beast" Severn
(Madison Square Garden, 1972)
The Animal chews up the turnbuckle but loses to Severn's Japanese Arm Bar in 18 minutes.

Match 91
Kenji Shibuya vs Pepper Gomez
(San Francisco California - Cow Palace, 1969)
Shibuya tries the knee drop to the stomach to no avail but a Karate Blow does the trick in 17 minutes.

Match 92
Bob Roop vs Steve Kiern
(Tampa Armory, 1972)
Roop falls to a three quarter nelson in 15 minutes.

Match 93
Jesse Ventura vs Mitsu Arakawa
Honolulu Hawaii, HIC Arena
Mitsu Arakawa wins with the Japanese Sandman Hold in 15 minutes.

Match 94
El Grand Goliath vs Barry Windham
Juarez  Bull Ring, Mexico - 1968
Goliath survives the flying clothesline and wins with a succession of vicious punches to the face.

Match 95
El Santo vs Black Gordman
(Arena Mexico, Mexico City)
El Santo wins with the Flying Saint head first dive from the top rope on the midsection of Gordman.

Match 96
Ole Anderson vs Pedro Morales
(The Omni, Atlanta Georgia 1975)
Pedro gets a wrestling lesson in the early going but pulls out a fall with a series of drop-kicks in 23 minutes.

Match 97
Mr. Saito vs Kerry von Erich
(Dallas, Texas - Reunion Arena 1983)
Kerry wins with the Discus Punch in 8 minutes.

Match 98
David von Erich vs Waldo von Erich
(Will Rogers Coliseum, Fort Worth)
Waldo stomps and batters his nephew. Waldo prepares to come off the top rope with a "blitzkrieg" knee drop to pin the seven time Texas
champ. David manages to move and cradles Waldo to survive in 19 minutes.

Match 99
Mad Dog Vachon vs Dick Hutton
(North Bay Ontario Canada - 1957)
Canadian great and former AWA champ Vachon takes on former NWA champ Hutton in the building where Hutton won the belt. One of the
best matches of the entire tournament. Vachon, a former British Empire Games amateur champ surprises the former NCAA champ by
staying with Hutton on the mat. Vachon turns up the steam with rough tactics and gains the pin with a stomach claw at 30 minutes.

Match 100
Kanyon (Mrg. James Vandenburg) vs Hunter Hurst Helmsly (With Chyna)
(Omni, Atlanta)
Helmsely goes for the pedigree and Vandenburg stops him by grabbing his leg from outside the ring. Helmsley turns to see Chyna run over Vandenburg on the floor. While he is distracted, Kanyon catches a variation of the reverse neck breaker to pull the upset in 15 minutes.

Match 101
Rick Rude vs Shane Douglass
(ECW Arena, Philadelphia)
The bigger, stronger Rude has little trouble with Douglas. A rude awakening in five minutes and it's over. ECW fans riot and burn the
building down after such a noncompetitive main event.

Match 102
Billy Robinson vs Dean Malenko
(Wiegan England in the Pit, 1967)
Robinson takes advantage of his home ground and rams Malenko into the side of the pit then covers for the fall.

Match 103
Mankind vs (Greg The Hammer) Valentine
(In the Bowels of the Building, 1999)
Greg should have never come to the Bowels of the Building. Mankind with a forklift press.

Match 104
Randy Savage vs Professor Tanaka (Charley Colani)
(Abilene, Texas 1968)
Savage leaps from the top turnbuckle to the concrete floor and jackhammers Professor Tanaka for the victory.

Match 105
Sting vs Bill Goldberg
(Rosemont Horizon - Chicago, 1999)
Goldberg goes for the spear and Sting moves, and Goldberg crashes into the turnbuckle. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash but Goldberg
moves and Sting hits his head on the ring post. As Sting rebounds out of the turnbuckle, Goldberg catches him with the jack hammer and the
pin in 26 minutes.

Match 106
Chris Beniot vs Horst Hoffman
(Prince Albert Hall, London)
Hoffman misses a charge. Benoit hits the diving head butt and gets the cross face causing Hoffman to submit in 10 minutes.

Match 107
Taka Michinoku vs Jay Youngblood
Fayetteville North Carolina 1983
Jay Youngblood fights the battle of his life as he wins in a spectacular match with the Indian Death Lock.

Match 108
Tenryu vs  Ultimate Warrior
(Egg Dome, Tokyo)
Warrior does an interview before the match and the Japanese fans can't understand him either. Warrior is winded making a 30-yard run from the locker room to the ring. While Warrior is shaking the ropes, Tenryu German suplexes him for the win.

Match 109
Terry Allen vs  Billy Jack Haynes
(Portland Oregon, 1985)
Terry Allen wins with the three quarter nelson in 6 minutes.

Match 110
 Jeff Jarrett vs Tiger Mask
(Fukuoka, Japan - 1976)
Tiger Mask misses a top rope Periwinkle. Jarrett covers for two. The Japanese fans cheer for  Deborah, who tries to disrobe.  Jarrett covers her too and Tiger Mask rolls Jarrett up from behind for the pin.

Match 111
(Hot Stuff) Eddie Gilbert vs Ken Shamrock
(Jonesboro, Arkansas - 1978)
After a great wrestling match, Kin Shamrock snaps and kicks the hell out of Eddie's father Tommy. (DQ), Gilbert wins.

Match 112
George Hackenschmidt vs Sputnik Monroe
Hackenschmidt wrestles Sputnik all over the ring and has complete advantage until Sputnik calls him a puke and kicks him in the face for the win in 25 minutes.

Match 113
Joe Stecher vs (The Big Show)  Paul Wight
(Madison Square Garden, 1999)
Joe Stecher takes (The Big Show) Paul Wight off his feet for the first time but succumbs to the Choke Slam.

Match 114
Kane vs Frank Dusek
(Omaha Nebraska, 1963)
Kane wins by forfeit as Frank Dusek shows up with his hand in a cast.

Match 115
Abe Kashey vs Jose Lothario
(Littlefield, Texas - 1967)
Jose Lothario wins the match with a guillotine in 17 minutes then steals Al Kashey's watch from the dressing room.

Match 116
Ad Santel vs Scott Casey
(Hereford, Texas - Bull Barn 1978)
We call him Scott Crazy and he is as he wins with a sunset flip from the top rope.

Match 117
Otis Klingman vs Gorgeous George Jr.
(Plainview, Texas 1970)
Otis Klingman wins with a ground attack and the Klingman Toe Hold.

Match 118
Bob (The Bullet) Armstrong vs Ted Dibiase
(Macon Coliseum, Macon Georgia - 1972)
In a great wrestling match these two battle for 50 minutes. Dibiase with a back suplex.

Match 119
Ron Fuller vs Leroy McGuirk
(Oklahoma City, Fair Grounds - 1949)
Leroy's amateur background comes in handy and Leroy wins with his famous knee lift.

Match 120
Manny Fernandez vs Buck (Yellow Belly) Robely
(Baton Rouge, La. - 1981)
Yellow Belly Robely bleeds and runs most of the match but wins with a foreign object.

Match 121
Mr. Wrestling  (Tim Woods) vs Don (The Lawman) Slatton
(Abilene, Texas - Fair Park Auditorium - 1965)
Mr. Wrestling 2 (Tim Woods) wins in 33 minutes as Don (The Lawman) Slatton is bleeding and the match is stopped.

Match 122
Otto Wanz vs Tommy Dreamer
(Munich Germany, 1997)
Otto Wanz wins the match when Dreamer tries a belly to belly suplex and lands on his head and knocks himself out.

Match 123
Great Muta vs Scott Steiner
(Tokyo Dome, 1999 - New Japan Pro)
Muta gives the performance of his life but loses to the Frankensteiner in 33 minutes.

Match 124
Kevin Nash vs Sabu
(ECW Arena in Philly, 1999)
This is a Hell of a fight but Big Sexy's size is too much. Kevin with a power slam in 23 minutes.

Match 125
Rob van Dam vs Sandman
ECW Arena, Philly, 1999
This match is hard core and acrobatic. Van Dam pulls it out in 28 minutes with the Vandaminator.

Match 126
Moose Cholack vs Iron Mike Dibiase
(Lubbock, Texas - Fairpark Coliseum, 1965)
Cholack falls in the ring as the moose head he wears over balances him. Iron Mike Dibiase wins in 20 minutes.

Match 127
Riki Choshu vs Jerry Blackwell
(Tokyo Sumo Hall, 1976)
Blackwell famous for a man of his size throwing a drop-kick, misses a drop-kick. Choshu wins.

Match 128
Masa Chono vs Lord Alfred Hayes
(Wembly Stadium, England, 1970)
Chono wins, by DQ when Hayes is given three yellow cards and finally a red card at 20 minutes.

Match 129
Butch Reed vs Paul Orndorff
(Bay Front Arena, St. Petersberg, Florida - 1980)
Reed power press slams Mr. Wonderful for a near fall but Orndorff wins in 15 minutes with a Neck breaker.

Match 130
Davey Boy Smith vs Lex Luger
(Madison Square Garden, 1996)
Luger wins with The Rack in 17 minutes.

Match 131
Scott Hall vs Mr. Pogo
(Korokuen Hall - Tokyo Japan, 1998)
This match is hard core style as takes it out side the ring. Scott Hall wins in 13 minutes with a pile driver.

Match 132
Junkyard Dog vs Hiro Hase
(New Orleans, La. at St. Bernard Parish - 1975)
Junkyard Dog starts fast with head butts and turnbuckle bashes but Hiro Hase wind with a Japanese arm bar

Match 133
Ron Simmons vs Ashua Onita
(Tallahassee, Florida 1984)
The match is all Onita from the start. Simmons is bleeding but wins with a power slam in 23 minutes.

Match 134
Tony Atlas vs Mitsuharu Misawa
(Nihon Budokan, Tokyo Japan - 1999)
Misawa wins when Tony Atlas misses a splash from the top and Misawa gets a Tiger Driver Suplex.

Match 135
Dynamite Kid vs Ivan Putski
(Calgary at the Pavilion, 1972)
Dynamite hits a flying cross body from the top rope. Ivan catches and power slams but Dyno comes up on top.

Match 136
Bam Bam Bigelow vs Dr. Jerry Graham
(ECW Arena in Philly)
Bigelow  wins with a splash from the second rope.

Match 137
Raven vs Vadar
(ECW Arena, 1997)
Big Van Vadar is to much for Raven and wins with the Vadar Bomb in 15 minutes.

Match 138
Buddy Landel vs ,Bill Dundee
(Nashville, 1988)
Buddy Landel struts his cheap imatation of Ric Flair and wins with a press. Of course Buddy had one foot on the ropes.  (12 minutes)

Match 139
Brian Pillman vs Kevin Von Erich
(Calgary - Pavillion, 1988)
Bruce Hart distracts Kevin when he has the iron face claw on Brian and Brian recovers to win with the flying splash over the top rope.

Match 140
Austin Idol vs Al Perez
(Interlachen, Florida)
Al Perez wins in ten minutes with the spinning toe hold.

Match 141
Iron Sheik vs Rick Steiner
(Madison Square Garden, New York)
Steiner wins with the Frankensteiner in 12 minutes.

Match 142
Ken Petera vs Rufus R Jones
(Amarillo Sports Arena, Amarillo, Texas 1968)
Rufus goes for the "freight train" charge in the corner tackle. Patera side steps and catches Jones with a full-nelson as he rebounds out of the corner, Ken wins.

Match 143
Killer Brooks vs Kevin Sullivan
(Palatka Florida, 1983)
Killer attacks Kevin at the bell and owns him for the first ten minutes. The Fallen Angel, Nancy distracts and Kevin pulls out the Golden Spike and stabbs Killer in the back for the pin-fall.

Match 144
Meng The Barbarian vs  Buzz Sawyer
(Tallahassee, Florida - 1983)
The Ming is ovpowering with svat kicks and body slams. After fifteen minutes Ming tackles Buzz and goes for a second but Buzz catches him in a power slam for the finish in 18 minutes.

Match 145
Great Kabuki vs  Bob Orton Jr,
(Houston, Texas, 1983)
Orton has good wrestling skills but Kabuki blows mist in his face for a pin in 8 minutes. (Green goo is everywhere)

Match 146
Killer Kahn vs  Dino Bravo
(Tampa Florida - Armory, 1974)
Killer Kahn starts with a barrage of punches but Dino catches him comming off the ropes in a bear hug for a submission win.

Match 147
Gino Hernandez vs Bob Sweetan
(Memorial Hall, Kansas City - 1978)
Bob Sweetan slows the action and gains a victory in 28 minutes with  a neckbreaker.

Match 148
Stan Lane vs  Don Kent
(Detroit, Cobo Hall - 1975)
Buldog bites Stan Lane on the nose and never lets go. Kent in 12 minutes.

Match 149
Kimala vs Robert Fuller (aka Colonel Parker)
(Osaka Japan, 1998)
Kimala wins in 5 minutes with a big, big, big, belly splash.

Match 150
Orville Brown vs Tito Santana
(Memorial Hall - Kansas City 1936)
Brown hits Santana with a tackle. Brown goes for a second tackle. Santana leapfrogs Brown hits the opposite ropes. Brown never saw the flying forearm smash coming. Santana wins in 18 minutes.

Match 151
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Godfather
(Spectrum - Philadelphia)
Everytime the Godfather refers to his Ho's, the crowd yells Hoooooo and fires Duggan up. Duggan hits a flying spear in 11 minutes for the win.

Match 152
Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Candido
(ECW Arena - Philadelphia 1992)
Incredibly fast paced match. Guerrero goes over the top of a power bomb with a reverse sunset flip for the win in 23 minutes.

Match 153
Val Venis vs. Kensuke Sasaki
(Capitol Center - Baltimore, 1999)
Venis is a huge favorite in the city that leads America in STD. Venis' speed counters Sasaki's power advantage and wins with the splash off the top rope.

Match 154
Ahmed Johnson vs Diamond Dallas Page
(Trump Plaza - Atlantic City 1997)
Page escapes the Pearl River Plunge and counters with the Diamond Cutter for the win.

Match 155
Yokozuna vs. Jesse James Armstrong
(Continental Airlines Arena - Washington, DC, 1996)
Armstrong tries to stick and move but can never get any serious momentum going. Yokozuna in eight minutes with the bonzai drop.

Match 156
One Man Gang vs. Whipper Billy Watson
(Hemisfair Arena - San Antonio, Texas -1984)
Watson never gets untracked and Gang wins it with a 747 splash off the top rope in nine minutes.

Match 157
Konnan vs. Marc Mero
(Mexico City)
Konnan tries for the submission with the Tequila Sunrise in 21 minutes but Mero kicks out. Sable distracts and Mero suplexes konan and climbs the top rope for a shooting star press (High three quarter of a gainer) for the victory in 35 minutes.

Match 158
Jacques Rougeau Jr. (Mountie) vs. Owen Hart
(Molson Centre - Montreal)
Rougeau dominates most of the match but Owen hits a desparation enzugiri kick and gets the submission with the sharpshooter in 24 minutes.

Match 159
Honkytonk Man vs. Bushwhacker Luke Williams
(Mid South Coliseium - Memphis1983)
Honkytonk shakes, rattles and rolls his way to a win in 13 minutes.

Match 160
Don Leo Jonathan vs Bull Bullinski
(The Ice Arena in Victoria BC - 1963)
Bullinski charges Don Leo Jonathan at the start of the match, takes a headlock and Jonathan throws him off and gives him a Giant back body drop. Bullinski lands right on his ass. Don Leo covers for the win.

Match 161
Duke Keomuka vs. Bushwhacker Butch Miller
(Will Rogers Coliseum - Fort Worth, 1955)
Miller's unorthodox style gives Keomuka fits early, but Keomuka wins with a chop to the throat in 12 minutes.

Match 162
King Kong Bundy vs Mongolian Stomper
(Knoxville, Tennessee, 1974)
Brutal battle of the big man, but Stomper's superior conditioning is the difference. He wins with a flying stomp to the head.

Match 163
Crybaby Cannon vs. Crybaby Zarravich
(Cobo Hall, Detroit - 1975)
Crybaby Zarravich attacks at the bell and gives Crybaby Cannon the Atomic Drop. Crybaby Cannon sits in the middle of the ring and cries like a baby because his ass hurts. At over 280 pounds, Crybaby Cannon gives Crybaby Zarravich a splash from the second rope for the pinfall and victory. Crybaby Zarravich sits in the middle of the ring and cries because he lost.

Match 164
Cyclone Negro vs. Johnny Ace
(Amarillo Sports Arena, 1968)
Terrific battle see both man trade punishment for 20 minutes. Ace catches Cyclone with a flying elbow for the win.

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