All Time Universal Championship Tournament to decide the All Time Greatest of the Greats.

The most accurate determination ever!!!

Who really would win the matches between the greatest of all time?

Dory has gathered all of the information he is able to garner from his personal memory of these great wrestlers and all that we have been able to

We have meticulously fed it into Dyno, our new 20 gigabyte computer. Dyno has processed this information and given us the winner of each match.

Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle has drawn a bye.

Round 9
Dory Funk Jr.
Antonio Inoki

In an odd twist of fate, The Royal Stud, Adam Windsor has drawn a bye and the top seeded Dory Funk Jr. and Antonio Inoki will wrestle to see who will face the Royal Stud in the finals of the All Time Universal Championship Tournament to decide the All Time Greatest of the Greats.

This match takes place in the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida. Osamu Nishimura is in Inoki's corner and Adam Windsor is in Dory Funk Jr's corner.

The bell rings and Inoki and Funk square off. Funk makes a lightning quick move for Inoki's legs and Inoki blocks and switches behind Funk. Countering the move, Funk hooks Inoki's arm and rolls on top of Inoki going for a quick try at a pin with a half nelson but Inoki is out at the count of one and on his feet facing Funk. In the beginning the fans in the Funking Conservatory are quiet and intense. Osamu Nishimura with his great wrestling has endeared himself to the fans and the fans in turn give Inoki a lot of respect.

After fifteen minutes of cautious wrestling, both Funk and Inoki are dripping in perspiration. Funk is the first to get careless, trying a double arm suplex but Inoki blocks reversing the move and landing with his full body weight on top of Funk. The referee, Claudia Reiff, aka The Claw drops in for the first two count of the match.

Both wrestlers return to a cautious mode using unique wrestling holds but not going all out for a pin or submission.

At the thirty minute mark, Inoki goes for his python hold on Funk. He has it locked on position. The Claw asks Funk if he is going to submit and Funk refuses. It takes all that is in Funk to make it to the ropes and the hold is broken. Funk is desperate as Inoki tries a combination of suplexes. Each time he goes for the pin but Funk will not give up.

Inoki softens Funk up with a series of  forearm blows to the body and one right to the chin. One more time, Inoki steps in to set up the Python hold however this is a critical mistake as Funk reverses the position and slips behind Inoki with his right leg hooked inside Inoki's leg and rolls both men back. Dory Funk Jr. has got a hold he has never used on a wrestling match before. It is the Klingman Toe Hold a move taught to him by his father, Dory Funk Sr. and invented by the famous old time wrestler, Otis Klingman.

Inoki hangs on refusing to submit but the option is a broken leg. Inoki is trapped and there is no way out. Funk tightens up on the pressure and Inoki's knee pops.

Realizing there is no escape from the Klingman Toe Hold and he cannot make it to the ropes and knowing the next time, Funk applies the pressure, it could break his leg, at the 34 minute mark, Antonio Inoki taps out.

The winner of the match, Dory Funk Jr.
The Royal Stud is the first to congratulate Dory Funk Jr. and Osamu Nishimura is next.

Facing off in the finals of the Tournament to decide the all time greatest of the greats will be Dory Funk Jr. vs The Royal Stud, Adam Windsor.