All Time Universal Championship Tournament to decide the All Time Greatest of the

The most accurate determination ever!!!

Who really would win the matches between the greatest of all times?

Dory has gathered all of the information he is able to garner from his personal memory of these great wrestlers and
all that we have been able to obtain. We have meticulously fed it into Dyno, our new 20 gigabyte computer. Dyno
has processed this information and given us the winner of each match.

Round 5

Bret Hart
Ernie Ladd
Sam Houston Coliseum - Ernie Ladd wastes no time in starting right off with a headlock and jamming his thumb into the neck of Bret Hart. Big Ernie throws Bret in for his big foot off the ropes and Bret sidesteps for a schoolboy roll up on the Big athlete from Grambling University. Bret tries the Sharpshooter and he can not keep Ernie out of the ropes. Ladd pulls Bret through to the floor and bashes his head into a chair. Bret fights back and throws Ernie into the ring. After a fifteen minute brawl, Bret goes for a body slam and falls back with Ernie on top for the pin in 22 minutes.

Dory Funk Jr.
Naoya Ogawa
Coming to you from Budoukan Hall in Tokyo Japan - Ogawa attacks from the start with side kicks to the legs of Dory Funk Jr. He cuts Funk down and goes for his finishing hold the choke scissors from beneath. Funk is in real trouble but is able to make it to the ropes and rolls to the apron. Ogawa aggressively attacks Funk on the apron and headlocks Funk, dragging him into the ring over the top rope. Just as they come to the center of the ring, Funk raises Ogawa high in the air and suplexes him on the back of his head in the middle of the ring. Ogawa falls easy prey to the Spinning Toe Hold.

Ed Strangler Lewis
Kerry von Erich
Reunion Arena in Dallas Texas - Kerry comes to the ring bare foot. The kids all love Kerry and let it be known with their cheers. In the beginning there is little respect for the legend, Ed Strangler Lewis so named because of the effect of his finishing maneuver, the Head Lock. Kerry takes the advantage with barefoot kicks and fore arm blows and sets Lewis up for the Discus Throw Punch but Lewis sees it coming and blocks it and clamps on his vicious headlock and fifteen minutes later, Kerry taps out.

Walter Palmer
Dr. Death Steve Williams
From Marigold Gardens with Jack Brickhouse as commentator at the bell, both men hook up in the center of the ring. Williams tries to leg trip Palmer. Palmer blocks and goes for a hiplock and Williams blocks. This is a defensive match as both men work for the first take down. Williams tries for the death valley driver and Palmer hooks his leg blocking Williams favorite move. Williams is pissed and looses his temper and swings wildly at Palmer's head. Palmer ducks and single leg dives in on Williams and wins in 10 minutes with the spinning toe hold.

Terry Funk
Hiro Matsuda
From the Sportatorium in Tampa Florida - (1968) This is a classic wrestling match between two great young athletes who would go on to fame in the world of wrestling. Matsuda tries a three quarter nelson and Terry escapes at the count of two. Matsuda tries a Gut wrench Suplex but Terry reverses it and forces a pin fall at the 8 minute mark.

Bruiser Brody
Sputnik Monroe
Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan Puerto Rico - It is raining in San Juan Puerto Rico. The fans are covered but at home plate where the ring is located, it is a muddy mess with water everywhere. Both men are cut. Brody because of a bash into the ring post and Sputnik by the "Hard Way," a straight punch to the eye. After a wild battle, both men enter the ring. Sputnik climbs to the top turnbuckle but Brody catches him in the gut with a straight fist and Sputnik does a flip into the ring landing on his back. Brody comes with the flying knee drop for the pin in 23 minutes.

David von Erich
Otis Klingman
Hammond Civic Center in Hammond, Indiana - Hammond, Indiana is the home town of Dory Funk Jr. who is in David's corner for this one. Otis Klingman is known for his famous Klingman Toe Hold. This match is a sucker's play as at the start of the match, David moves with caution and then lets Klingman get his hold. The fans are amazed as David then reverses the Klingman Toe Hold and Otis submits. As Dave's hand is raised he and Dory shake hands and Dave thanks Dory for teaching him the reverse to the Klingman Toe Hold.

Gene Kiniski
Owen Hart
From the Pavillion in Calgary Alberta Canada - Canada's Greatest Athlete, Gene Kiniski invades the Hart Family Territory and does it successfully as Big Thunder at 6' 8" tall and 280 pounds is too big and too strong for the more agile Owen Hart. After a great match, Kiniski wins with a flying body press in 18 minutes.

Mitsuharu Misawa
Ric Flair
From the Charlotte Coliseum - This is a match between two well conditioned athletes. They spend the first fifteen minutes of the match feeling each other out. NTV from Japan has a full crew here to cover the match. Flair finally gets the advantage and tries every trick in the trade to secure the fall but Misawa will not quit. Misawa comes back and throws Flair over the turnbuckle to the floor and the flies out of the ring with his Dory Funk Jr. Flying Elbow and throws Flair back into the ring but can not secure the pin fall. At the 55 minute mark, Misawa catches Flair in a flying body press but Flair rolls all the way back and slips his feet on the ropes holding Misawa down for the three count. Flair is the winner.

Rob van Dam
Brian Pillman
From ECW Arena in Philly - Van Dam carries the fight to Pillman form the start with a series of spin kicks and acrobatic body press but is unable to gain a fall. Flying Brian comes back with a leap from the top rope but Rob moves out ot the way and slams Pillman in the corner upside down. He hang Pillman by by the foot then climbs the top in the far corner and connects with the drop kick from across the ring to the chant of the ECW crowd, ECW, ECW, ECW. Van Dam wins in 15 minutes.

Antonio Inoki draws a bye in the fifth round.