All Time Universal Championship Tournament to decide the All Time Greatest of the Greats.

The most accurate determination ever!!!

Who really would win the matches between the greatest of all time?

Dory has gathered all of the information he is able to garner from his personal memory of these great wrestlers and all that we have been able to obtain.

We have meticulously fed it into Dyno, our new 20 gigabyte computer. Dyno has processed this information and given us the winner of each match.

Round 8

Terry Funk
Antonio Inoki
Osaka Japan
It is a surprise to modern day wrestling fans that Terry Funk attacks Antonio Inoki with some of the best wrestling maneuvers seen in Japan. Inoki is in serious trouble as Terry applies a one legged Boston Crab hold. Inoki makes it to the ropes to save a submission. At the twenty minute mark, Terry picks up the aggressiveness of his attack and goes into a series of suplexes each time gaining a near fall on Inoki. Inoki is barely hanging on as Terry goes for a double arm suplex. Inoki reverses it suplexing Terry over and landing on top for the pin fall. Winner of the match, Antonio Inoki.
Kurt Angle
Adam Windsor
Dory Funk Arena
Angle is surprised as Windsor takes the first move on Kurt with a well executed Fireman's Carriage. Kurt throws a clothesline and Windsor ducks and comes with a Super Kick and covers Kurt for a near fall. Windsor goes for a sucker's headlock and is trapped as Kurt reverses it into the Olympic Slam. Windsor gets his feet on the ropes and saves the fall. Kurt hits three German Suplexes on Windsor then applies the Ankle Lock. Windsor taps out. Winner of the match, Kurt Angle.

Dory Funk Jr.
Rob Van Dam
Amarillo Sports Arena
This is a great match in front of Dory's home town crowd. Van Dam throws Funk to the floor and dives over the top rope landing on top of Funk, knocking him out for a few seconds. Funk crawls in the ring under the ropes and Van Dam returns to the ring via the top rope. As Dory Funk comes through the ropes, Van Dam comes from the top rope with a leg across the back of the head of Dory Funk Jr. Funk is down and Van Dam covers for a near fall. Van Dam takes a headlock and Funk raises him high in the air. Van Dam grabs the top rope with his feet hanging on for dear life. Dory pulls him off the top rope falling back with Funk and Van Dam landing on the back of their heads. Van Dam rolls over and comes to his hands and knees and Funk hooks a three quarter nelson for the three count and wins the match. Winner, Dory Funk Jr.

Advancing to round 9

Adam Windsor
Dory Funk Jr.
Antonio Inoki