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Florida, The Sunshine State



"Mat Manatee" welcomes Morita Sensei / Dory Funk "Real American Tour 98"

 International Travel Tour information
Meet your animal friends in Florida on Dory Funk Jr. / Morita Sensei's Real American Tour
Welcome, "It's nice to eat you"
Sponsors, Dory Funk Jr. and Marti Funk
These are our honored guests from Japan (Welcome and have a good time)
Tour leader, Angela Deo (Pictured here with Governor of Florida, Lawton Childs)
Tour assistant, Sachiko Leon (Pictured here with her husband Dwight)
Please sign our guest book and leave a message
Hasegawa, Takanori says:
"Tour '98 is under construction"
"Please Enjoy"

1996 Dory Funk Jr's, Real American Tour

Photo Album (Click on the Images for a Larger Picture)

Dory greets Morita Sensei at Orlando International Airport.

Tee-Shirts at the airport for everybody.

Vanguard High School welcomes their Japanese friends.

Angela Deo, Kathy Dinkins, Yumi Toshifumi speak with students.

Real American Water World Tour.

Sachiko's birthday party at the Olive Garden.

On stage at North Marion High singing "I Just Called to Say I love You."

Silver River River Museum. Grrrreat!!!

Dory practices his Japenese.

Producer &Photo Editor - Marti Funk 
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