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Glen Kulka, "Would like to stick your head up your rear end"
Is Pro-Wrestling Tough?

Wrestling is one of the three natural/original sports, you run for your life, swim for your life, or fight for your life. When it comes to professional wrestling, (Sports Entertainment) I guarantee It is a fight for your life. You have to face an opponent who would like to stick your head up your rear end, a promoter who has an insatiable desire for ticket sales and TV rating points, and a fan base who not only wants a winning record, but at the same time expects you to risk life and limb to entertaining them.

The modern professional wrestlers on top in the WWF are great athletes. They come from athletic backgrounds, amateur wrestling, martial arts, football, basketball, boxing, hockey, and even lacrosse, An athletic background is critical in professional wrestling. You may be able to dance, like Shawn Michaels, design an explosive entrance like the Undertaker, and talk trash like Stone Cold Steve Austin, but if you always wind up laying on your back looking at the lights, all that  won't do you much good. These guys are tough.

All new wrestlers in the WWF now have to go through my training camp, "The WWF Funking Dojo," I make sure it's tough. We start in the morning with a healthy breakfast at 8:00am, weight training in the WWF training facility from 9:00am to 11:30am, nutritional lunch at noon, and from 2:00pm to 6:00pm, wrestling drills and wrestling matches at the WWF wrestling facility. In the evening we view video tape of their performance. I make sure it is tough, and they love it.

Is professional wrestling tougher than Ultimate fight and Boxing? Maybe it is and Maybe it isn't. It depends on the individual and the sacrifices he/she want to make to be the best at what they do. You have to consider that there are two major wrestling promotions in the United States, the WWF and our competition, employing about a hundred full time well paid professional wrestlers. WWF  receives a thousand inquiries a month asking, just to get in the Funking Dojo.

The competition for a spot at the WWF is intense. To quote my teacher, My Father, Dory Funk Sr. "Son you are about to enter the most competitive business in the world." To quote one of my students in the WWF Funking Dojo, Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, "Professional wrestling is a sport and it is tough."

And the winner is, Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle

Dory Funk Jr.

Coach of the WWF Funking Dojo

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