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Adam Windsor Challenges WWE's Tom Prichard


Adam Windsor Confronted by WWE's Dr. Tom Prichard

WWE Talent Scout, Dr. Tom Prichard will be at the Funking Conservatory for the March training camp
scheduled to start March 18 with our !BANG! Television Taping on Saturday March 22nd. Following
is an account of Dr. Tom's last appearance on our !BANG! TV Taping.

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After a great time limit draw in the main event at our last !BANG! Television Taping between Adam
Windsor and New Japan Pro-wrestling's Osamu Nishimura, The Royal Stud was confronted in the
ring by WWE Talent Scout, Dr. Tom Prichard.

Dr. Tom - "The fact of the matter is Adam, you need to work on your attitude. You need to work on what it is really
like to be a champion. Here in the Funking Conservatory, you have the backers, I hear everybody chanting your name,
but the fact of the matter is, You didn't put his shoulders to the mat for a three count. You won't prove your self until
you can walk out of the ring and say that you solidly and soundly beat Osamu Nishimura."

Call from the crowd -  "He's still our champ."

Dr. Tom  - "He may be your champ. You may be the Funking Conservatory Champion, but you haven't beat anybody
tonight. Sign a rematch and have it be an hour or a two hour time limit. I want to see you get this decided, I wish you
could have decided it tonight, but obviously, You weren't up to the task. All I'm saying is prove it, put it in my hands,
let me see the tape if I'm not here in person. because, you know what, the WWE wants to see what kind of talent the
Funking Conservatory is putting out. Adam Windsor, I have heard all this talk about the Royal Stud, Dory, but I
haven't seen it tonight. Osamu showed me something tonight that you didn't. Osamu showed me that fire in his belly
that you didn't. So show me Stud. Show me the next time you are in the Funking Conservatory that you are the
World Champion and you can defeat Osamu Nishimura."

Adam Windsor - "Osamu Nishimura I give you credit. You are probably the toughest opponent I have ever been in
the ring with. However, You Dr. Tom Prichard, I have a challenge for You. Why don't you have the guts. Why don't
You have the balls to get in this ring with The Royal Stud?"

Dr. Tom - "Adam, Adam, Adam. I have more shower time than you have ring time, Son. Been there, done that. But,
I also have the brains. I am smart enough to know that there's no way in Hell I can compete with today's athletes.
There is no way I can get in the ring with a guy of your caliber. A World Champion or Osamu for that matter. There
is not way in Hell that I could possibly get in the ring without embarrassing myself and that is why I am a talent scout
now for WWE. But the fact of the matter is, I have traveled that road. I have been in those matches where it meant
everything and all I had. I spent it and I lived it, but I didn't quit in a fifteen minute match. As a matter of fact, let's
talk about balls for just a second. Nobody has left. He's got a belt over his shoulder, you've got a belt over your
shoulder. Why don't we just say this. Why don't we just say, Dory the winner takes all next time. The winner takes
that championship and that championship and then we will see who is really the champion of the Funking Conservatory.
I don't want to get in the ring anymore, my active days are over. You guys are probably in better condition than I was,
you guys are probably better wrestlers than I ever was but the fact of the matter is, I have been where you never will
be. I've been where you haven't been yet and Dory you better look at it and if he wants to prove himself as a
champion, put that title and that title on the line and then we will see what happens."

Dr. Tom Pushes Funking Conservatory Coach, Dory Funk Jr.

Dory kindly demonstrates the proper application of the Spinning Toe Hold to Dr. Tom

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The card for the upcoming !BANG! TV Taping

Adam Windsor vs BoneCrusher - Texas Death Match
Missy Hyatt vs Dixie vs Red Power - Women's Hard Core Match
Murder One vs Rainman - Number One Contender's Match.
Dr. Tom Prichard will be there scouting talent for WWE.
Ten matches in all, Saturday March 22nd, 7:00pm at the Dory Funk Arena
Ocala, Florida