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"February Fight Camp" Special
           Story By Danny Ford, writer for the Funking Conservatory

You can have the chance to wrestle in Japan and also add that you have worked with the Rock "N Roll Express to your resume! New Japan's Osamu Nishimura, who was recently re-signed to a long term deal with New Japan Pro-wrestling will be here at the Funking Conservatory scouting talent for a new season of American talent working in Japan.

You can "Rock & Roll at the Funking Conservatory February with our 2004 Special Training Camp. It all starts Friday Feb. 20 and runs through Monday February 23. This is a four day three night special training camp. It includes hotel, - BANG! TV Taping with the Rock 'N Roll Express and Osamu Nishimura. R & R will watch your work on TV and train in the ring with each talent attending the Funking Conservatory Special February camp. 

You can learn from the best and become a champion. You can improve your resume with the list of super stars you have been in the ring with. For pricing on this special training camp, you can call Marti Funk at 352-895-4658.

The Rock N' Roll Express are former NWA World Tag Team Champions, WCW World Tag Team Champions. R & R will work with talent from the Funking Conservatory starting at 10:00 am Monday morning. The will watch with you your tape from !BANG! TV the night before. They will get in the ring with all campers for a full day's workout! You will get pointers from one of the greatest tag teams to step in the wrestling ring. 

This is your chance to work on the same card and TV Show in our brand new 1,000 seat arena with the most respected technical wrestler in Japan, (Three years in a row voted best technical wrestler) and also be on the same card with one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history. 

This !BANG! TV Taping will also be covered by the Japanese media and press from the American magazines and newspapers!

This very special camp starts with your arrival on Friday February 20th. Our first in-ring workout is at 5:00pm on Friday, 5:00pm Saturday and !BANG! TV taping is on Sunday with all hands "In Ring" at 4:00pm on Sunday. You will return to the Dory Funk Arena Monday morning at 10:00am for video review and training with the Rock "N Roll Express.

To live this experience, 
Call - 352-895-4658
E-mail Dory Funk Jr.
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Sunday Feb 22 at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida
Dory Funk Jr. vs Osamu Nishimura
Indian Strap Match, Li'l Wahoo McDaniel vs Adam Windsor
The Rock N' Roll Express will face a tag combination yet to be named.
More information to come.