In Funk's Corner

By Dory Funk Jr.

Two Great Wrestlers
Two of my former students and two of the toughest in wrestling are having a rough time and need your prayers and encouragement, Doctor Death Steve Williams and Big John Tenta. Both are big men and great amateur wrestlers. Steve wrestled for Oklahoma University and John Tenta for LSU. I met them both in Japan working for All Japan Pro-Wrestling and Giant Baba. John Tenta was undefeated in Sumo Wrestling when he turned pro. Steve has always been an awesome athlete as a real wrestler and as a worker in Japan. He and Johnny Ace were outstanding working for All Japan Pro-Wrestling. Both in real life are wonderful people and right now are facing more than I could imagine as they fight their individual battles against cancer.

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The competition for our viewing and the entertainment dollar is ever increasing. It seems every rating point is a battle as Raw and Smackdown on two occasions have had to go up against the political conventions against Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and even President George Busch and at the same time, NFL pre season pro football and the Olympics. Competition is like evolution. It is the survival of the fittest.

It is tough enough to even get to the Olympics (ask Kurt Angle), but once you are there winning is even tougher. Congratulations to everyone that took part in the games. Just to have taken part is an amazing achievement.
A+ for what the WWE did on Raw. Everyone expected another boring Diva segment and I am sure everyone groaned when they started coming to the ring. But just like one of Vince’s old saying "Unbelievable," in an instant every wrestling fan is now waiting for next week's Raw to see how they are going to top the foul language that leaked out. Look for Carmella to go right into the finals….. On closing this segment, I just want to say that it is good thing Raw comes to us with a 5 second delay.
There Have been more rumblings at !BANG! Behind the scenes to see what is going to end up happening to "The Claw." It is little known that Claudia "The Claw" Reiff Is one of the richest women in professional wrestling today. So far she has been suspended for 90 days by General Manager Bill Apter for a deliberate and vulgar act, She delivered a low blow to James W. Gooding that cost him the Championship Office Wrestling belt, currently held by Bill Apter. Gooding won the match but not the belt because of the rule that the belt cannot change hands on a disqualification.

Apter has been looking into this matter closely and is not happy that the Claw is a referee and an official. Apter said today that by the beginning of next week he would have a major announcement regarding The Claw. - Will she be suspended indefinitely? Will she be stopped from being a referee? Or will she by fired? Find out more next week,.
 However remember, -  reinstatement and anything else for that matter is more than possible. 
At our !BANG! TV Taping Johnny Magnum, an American serviceman back from Iraq and Funking Conservatory Alumni wrestled The Assassin Aric Dylan and both men had one hell of a match. It was booked on the fly due to some other people's injuries. These men gave the 350 fans at the Dory Funk Arena a main event quality match, with the fans leaving happy as Johnny Magnum won the International Heavyweight Championship Belt. Our thanks to both men for a great match.
To make a wrestling territory really excel, you need have a team, you need to have a team with a captain/boss. If everyone works together under the boss, then the team can be very successful. If you don’t work as a team and don’t have a boss or listen to your boss, things may not work out so well. A quote from Jim Ross at WWE. If all things are equal and someone comes to me and says, "I want to become WWE Champion." and if someone else comes to me and says, "I want to be a part of the WWE team." "I want the one that wants to be a part of the WWE team."
Dory Funk Jr.

!BANG! Show Dates - "Three Weeks to TV"
Sunday September 26 - Fall Fight Night
Sunday October 31 - Morbid Power II
Thursday November 25 Thanksgiving Night  - Wrestlefeast II
Sunday December 19th Friday -  The Bell Tolls.
Sunday January 30 Wrestle Bowl VI
Sunday February 27 - Cold War III

James W. Gooding III is The Only Real Attorney that Wrestles

!BANG! TV Taping, Sunday September 26th.
Funking Conservatory World Title:
Adam Windsor with James W. Gooding III (Champion) vs Johnny Magnum (Challenger)
International Championship Match:
Dory Funk Jr. vs Aric Dylan
Inter gender Tag Team Match:
Missy Hyatt and Bad Ass Christian Bauer vs The Paww (Masked Lady Wrestler) and Bill Apter.
Also on the card, Jason Thomas another returnee from Iraq.
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This is going to be a huge night for The Funking Conservatory
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