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By Dory Funk Jr.

It is official, famed pro-wrestling journalist Bill Apter will defend his office wrestling championship belt against the challenge of Royal Stud Enterprises attorney James W. Gooding III at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida Sunday August 29th.
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Olympians Part II:
As a professional wrestling coach, I have had the privilege of training four exceptional athletes who have already performed at the Olympic level for their respective countries. (Kurt Angle, Jumbo Tsuruta, Mark Henry and Antone Geesink) Antone Geesink was the second.

Credit Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer:
Antonius Geesink (Antone Geesink) - Of the Netherlands made a huge name in Japan, because it was the Japanese that introduced judo in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and expected Akio Kaminaga, their top heavyweight to win the first ever gold medal in the open weight division. However, Geesink, was a legend in the sport having won his first world title in 1949 at the age of 15. Geesink beat Kaminaga in the gold medal match in 9:22, after winning his semifinal match over Theodore Boronovskis of Austria in 12 seconds. The Olympics that year were doing incredible TV ratings and virtually the entire country saw the final match. Geesink, who was a legit 6' 6" and 267 pounds, was signed by Giant Baba, looking to bring into wrestling a mainstream sports star with a recognizable name.

Mr. Baba decided the best way to get Antone Geesink ready for pro-wrestling was to send him to Amarillo, Texas to train with Terry and myself for one week. Geesink was big, strong and in his country a very famous man. At the age of 39. Antone had a manager and every where that Antone went, the manager was sure to follow with cameras and notepad recording everything Geesink did from the West Texas Ranches to the Amarillo Bars and the Amarillo Sports Arena for his training to be a professional wrestler.

We entered the ring, Terry, Myself and Geesink, his manager was standing on the apron leaning on the top rope, two cameras around his neck and notepad in his hand. I put a headlock on Antone Geesink. I said, "This is a headlock." Geesink turned to his manager and said with a defined Dutch accent, "HEADLOCK" His manager wrote on his note pad, HEADLOCK! Then he snapped a picture of the headlock. Continuing to teach the basics, I put an arm bar on Mr. Geesink. I said, "This is an arm bar." Antone looked over at his manager and said in a heavy Dutch accent, "ARMBAR." His manager wrote in his notepad, "ARMBAR" and snapped a picture of the armbar.  For the next move, I told Antone, I would demonstrate with my brother, Terry. I said, "This is a tackle." Antone looked over at his manager draped over the top rope and said, "TACKLE." The manager wrote it down. Terry threw me into the ropes, unfortunately on the side the manager was standing on the ring apron. I came flying off and hit him with a solid tackle. Terry went down, BAM, I heard the noise of Terry hitting the mat. A second later, I heard another crash behind me. I turned and looked and Geesink's manager had landed in the third row ringside having been sprung off the apron from sling shot effect as I was thrown into the ropes by Terry. His manager was not hurt, however he came off that floor a mad son of a gun thinking that I did it on purpose.
Credit Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer:
Geesink, 39, debuted to huge fanfare on November 24, 1973 in Tokyo, teaming with Baba to beat Bruno Sammartino & Cyclone Negro in two straight falls. He signed a three year contract for six figures, huge money for pro wrestling at that time.

!BANG! Show Dates - "Three Weeks to TV"

Sunday August 29 - Legal Collision
Sunday September 26 - Fall Fight Night
Sunday October 31 - Morbid Power II
Thursday November 25 Thanksgiving Night  - Wrestlefeast II
Sunday December 19th Friday -  The Bell Tolls.
Sunday January 30 Wrestle Bowl VI
Sunday February 27 - Cold War III

James W. Gooding III, The Only Real Attorney that Wrestles

!BANG! TV Taping, Sunday August 29th at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida - Funking Conservatory World Title - Adam Windsor vs Johnny Magnum - Special Challenge - Flex Cassidy vs Aric Dylan - World Office Championship title match - Bill Apter vs James W. Gooding III - Women's Championship match - The Claw vs Missy Hyatt - (Bed Time Match Rules) Also on the card - Super Paul, Funk A. White Boy, Mike Mitchel, Yako, Forsaken and more.
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This is going to be a huge night for The Funking Conservatory as once again Bright House Television will be filming the event not only for !BANG! TV but also ThrowDown, which is gaining more and more popularity throughout the Orlando market.
What will happen on Sunday Night August 29th at the Dory Funk Arena inside of Skate Mania, located in Ocala Florida? You will have to be there in person to find out. Advanced tickets are available at Or Call 352-895-4658.
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