In Funk's Corner

By Dory Funk Jr.

James W. Gooding III, The Only Real Attorney that Wrestles

Matches Confirmed for Legal Collision

On Sunday August 29, in Ocala, Florida in the main event, the Royal Stud, Adam Windsor will defend his Funking Conservatory World Championship Belt against the challenge of Team America's Johnny Magnum. Members of Team America are Dory Funk Jr., Magnum, The Claw and Flex Cassidy with new members to be announced at our show, "Legal Collision".  Johnny Magnum poses the toughest challenge to date for The Royal Stud. Magnum is a U.S Army veteran having served  active duty in Iraq. Magnum also has seven years experience as a professional wrestler.

Bill  Apter to Step Into the Ring
It is confirmed that Bill Apter will step into the ring at the Dory Funk Arena on Sunday August 29th. His challenge comes from a member of Royal Stud Enterprises' Attorney, James W. Gooding III. Even though Bill Apter made his mark in professional wrestling as the premier wrestling journalist for the past 35 years, as a wrestler, Bill can handle himself in his own environment, the office. Apter who holds victories in his office over Jimmy Snuka, Jimmy Valiant and myself, Dory Funk Jr. brings his Championship Office Wrestling belt to the Dory Funk Arena and will lay it all on the line against Windsor's attorney James W. Gooding III. Recently, Attorney Gooding has been training with Adam Windsor learning all the dirty tricks of the wrestling business. (Eye Gouge, Low Blow and Sneak Attack etc. ) 

Missy Hyatt to get one more chance at The Claw.
Claiming foul in her last appearance here at the Funking Conservatory, Missy Hyatt will have one last chance to regain the Women's championship vs The Claw. Missy claims The Claw threw a mysterious powder in her face in their last encounter rendering her helpless as The Claw covered for the victory. In a disgraceful attack after the match, The Royal Stud, Aric Dylan, Missy and her dog Milo ganged up on The Claw and physically beat her and left the ring with the Claw's Championship Belt.

In another match, The Royal Stud has challenged Dory Funk Jr. to step into the ring with his foul tempered partner, "The Assassin," Aric Dylan, a former football All American from Minnesota. It is Funk's personal opinion that Aric Dylan should have to prove himself against another member of Team America, former middle linebacker form Montana, Flex Cassidy.

The Funking Conservatory will be introducing a new exceptional talent in 6' 4" tall, 240 pound "Bad Ass" Bauer. Super Paul, winner of two matches in a row at the Dory Funk Arena will have the opportunity of his young career when he wrestles for a championship belt. Mike Mitchell will make his debut at the Dory Funk Arena.

Here is the way the wrestlers are lining up:
Team America:
Dory Funk Jr., Johnny Magnum, The Claw and Flex Cassidy.
Royal Stud Enterprises:
Adam Windsor, Aric Dylan, Funk A. White Boy, James W. Gooding III, Missy Hyatt and her dog Milo, the only heel dog in wrestling.
Bad Ass Bauer, Super Paul
General Manager of !BANG! TV: Bill Apter

!BANG! Show Dates - "Three Weeks to TV"
Sunday August 29 - Legal Collision
Sunday September 26 - Fall Fight Night
Sunday October 31 - Morbid Power II
Thursday November 25 Thanksgiving Night  - Wrestlefeast II
Sunday December 19th Friday -  The Bell Tolls.
Sunday January 30 Wrestle Bowl VI
Sunday February 27 - Cold War III

This is going to be a huge night for The Funking Conservatory as once again Bright House Television will be filming the event not only for !BANG! TV but also ThrowDown, which is gaining more and more popularity throughout the Orlando market.
Windsor VS Apter - Who has more power? Find out August 29th.
What will happen on Sunday Night August 29th at the Dory Funk Arena inside of Skate Mania, located in Ocala Florida? You will have to be there in person to find out. Advanced tickets are available at Or Call 352-895-4658. You can also E-mail Dory Funk Jr.
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