In Funk's Corner

By Dory Funk Jr.

Comments from Wrestling's Premier Journalist, Bill Apter on !BANG! TV, The Funking Conservatory, Royal Stud Enterprises, His new job as General Manager of !BANG! TV and his Karaoke version of New York, New York.

It's Been a heck of a busy ride the past few weeks and it started in Ocala, Florida on July 18 at Dory Funk's combination "!BANG! / Throwdown" show.

I was involved in two very exciting angles in this growing company. One was as a color commentator (with some play-by-play) and the other as a ring performer. Both of them eventually meshed with each other.  The storyline had me fly in from my New York City office to either accept or reject an offer made to me by Dory to become the General Manager of the company. Throughout my commentary with Dory and several other wrestlers, I was asked if I was going to take the job. My answer was, "We will see what happens" each time -- keeping everyone in suspense until the end of the show! During the show, I refereed a match between Missy Hyatt and the Bang Women's champion, The Claw.  Before the match, I entered the ring singing my karaoke version of the song "New York, New York."  About a quarter of the way into the song, the very brash Adam Windsor came into the ring with  his "Royal Family" stable-mate Aric Dylan, and pulled the microphone from me. He wanted to hear some songs about his jolly old England and I was not about to accommodate him. After a few nasty words from him, I told him to "look out for trouble as I may become the General Manager and if so I would make life miserable for him. Later on in the evening, after Windsor's lady friend Missy Hyatt lost her match to The Claw (with me as referee) he beat me up, thus leading me to accept the role of General Manager and demand he defend his World title against stable-mate Dylan. Needless to say the fans were thrilled with my first matchmaking decision as General Manager.  I return to the Dory Funk Arena on August 29th to wreak further havoc!

The Funk dressing room is run with excellence, with both veterans and Funkin' Conservatory students freely sharing ideas on how to make the shows the very best possible.  I look forward to further days as their General Manager (as long as they will have me)!

It's official, I am the new General Manager of the company Dory Funk Jr. runs in Ocala, Florida. Two excellent TV programs are produced by the company that features mainly trainees from his training school, the Funkin' Conservatory.

After doing several hours of commentary in Ocala on Sunday night, and refereeing a match for the second time in my life, I decided to get with this organization and help get things that were going in the right direction before, headed in that very same direction with my 35 years of experience to guide the way.  For those of you who think I will leave my Pennsylvania home, or office I maintain in New York, that won't happen.  I will do most of my work from Pennsylvania and appear at meetings and shows in Ocala on a regular basis.

I send a hearty thank you to the Funks -- Dory and his wife Marti -- for giving me this opportunity.

I have known Dory Funk Jr., and his wife Marti for more years than I can recall (I first met Dory in the mid-70's during his classic feud with Jack Brisco). They are very proud of the school and promotion they currently own called "The Funkin' Conservatory." 

"You are one of the most respected figures in our business," Dory said to me as we spoke on the telephone yesterday. "We want our wrestlers and fans to see that respect in our product and you could help bring that sense of respectability to fruition."

I am thrilled and flattered that the legendary Dory Funk Jr. thinks so highly of me.

Bill Apter

!BANG! Show Dates - "Three Weeks to TV"
Show Times are 7:00pm
Sunday August 29 - Legal Collision
Sunday September 26 - Fall Fight Night
Sunday October 31 - Morbid Power II
Thursday November 25 Thanksgiving Night  - Wrestlefeast II
Sunday December 19th Friday -  The Bell Tolls.
Sunday January 30 Wrestle Bowl VI
Sunday February 27 - Cold War III

James Gooding Esquire the 3rd and the Royal Stud, Adam Windsor

The Royal Stud, Adam Windsor is upset that Wrestling Journalist Bill Apter has been named the General Manager of !BANG! that he is bringing his own Attorney, James W. Gooding III to represent Royal Stud Enterprises at the !BANG! TV taping Sunday August 29th at the Dory Funk Arena. Mr. Gooding is currently training for wrestling and body building under the tutelage of Windsor and his co-horts, Aric Dylan and Missy Hyatt. It has been heard that they are teaching him the dirty tricks of wrestling. Mr. Gooding has already averred to being a proponent of the dirty tricks of lawyer-ing. Gooding has said he will master the "Low Blow."

General Manager of !BANG! TV / Office Wrestling Champion, Bill Apter

On Sunday Night August 29th, less than one month away, !BANG! TV and The Funking Conservatory will make History as one of most famous Wrestling Journalists of all time Bill "Wonderful Willie" Apter, will become the General Manager of !BANG! And ThrowDowm television.
This is going to be a huge night for The Funking Conservatory as once again Brighthouse Television will be filming the event not only for !BANG! TV but also ThrowDown, which is gaining more and more popularity throughout the Orlando market.
Royal Stud Enterprises will be bringing their personal attorney, James Gooding III to the show to make sure everything Apter does is exact and Legal.
Windsor VS Apter - Who has more power? Find out August 29th.
Also on the show on August 29th The Claw will defend her Women’s Championship Belt. Missy Hyatt claims that she is still the Women’s Champion, and vows revenge on the Claw.
What else will happen on Sunday Night August 29th at the Dory Funk Arena inside of SkateMania, located in Ocala Florida? You will have to be there in person to find out. Advanced tickets are available at Or Call 352-895-4658. You can also E-mail Dory Funk Jr.
At the Funking Conservatory, You can become a wrestler and television superstar in three weeks. Find out how here.

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