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By Dory Funk Jr.

!BANG! Show Dates - "Three Weeks to TV"

Show Times are 7:00pm
Sunday August 29 - Legal Collision
Sunday September 26 - Fall Fight Night
Sunday October 31 - Morbid Power II
Thursday November 25 Thanksgiving Night  - Wrestlefeast II
Sunday December 19th Friday -  The Bell Tolls.
Sunday January 30 Wrestle Bowl VI
Sunday February 27 - Cold War III

Web site review:
Bill Apter's Online Magazine, All About Wrestling is refreshing with a different format. It is easy to read and contains good information presented in a magazine format. What else would you expect from the dean of wrestling writers and publishers, Bill Apter. Bill has accepted a new position here at the Funking Conservatory as the General Manager of !BANG! TV.  Bill Apter's Online Magazine has only been on line a short time. You will enjoy.  Click here to read Bill Apter's Online Magazine.

Below is an article I found in Apter's Mag. It is interesting and will be beneficial as you meet people in the wrestling business.


In life, we all have people who give us advice to set us on, what they believe, to be the right path.  A few years ago an upstart wrestler based in California, Drake Nelson, received some words of wisdom from a very well known veteran manager named Bobby Davis. In the 1960's Davis managed such superstars as "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, Bob Orton Sr., "Handsome" Johnny Barend, and "Magnificent" Maurice. These words of wisdom are for you to absorb and may educate you as to the "rules of the road" regarding a very important facet of the business, and that is etiquette. If you're planning to become a wrestler, or if you already are one, take note below.  If you're not set on becoming "one of the boys" read this anyway. It's very insightful:

1. UPON ENTERRING THE LOCKER ROOM:  Shake hands with EVERYONE and that includes all workers, road crew, agents, janitors, catering crew, ring guys -- EVERYONE! There are NO exceptions to this. Introduce yourself. Tell them it is nice/a pleasure/an honor to meet them.

2. DRESS SMARTLY. Show that you have a good physique (and you really should have one if you want to make it in modern pro wrestling), but don't look like you have an attitude about it. Do not look like a reject from backyard wrestling. Have professional looking gear. Looking like a professional is the first step to being a professional.

3. DO NOT "MARK OUT" FOR "SUPERSTARS." Show respect and reverence for their hard work to get to that level. When you and your opponent(s) are working out your match, they will be watching and listening and will probably make suggestions on how to improve your match. Do what they say and thank them for it. If you are working with a superstar above your level, listen to what they tell you first. When they ask for suggestions, give them. If they reject your suggestions, continue to listen to them and do as they say. Follow their lead. They are the ones with stroke.

4. DO NOT stand or sit in a corner by yourself. Do not congregate with old friends for a long period of time. Scope out the room and see who is or is not busy. Work the room. Have a conversation, no matter how brief, with as many people as possible.

5. ALWAYS LISTEN TO EVERYTHING FROM EVERYONE!  Always ask to put someone over. Work your hardest!  Bump and sell!

6. TWO THINGS TO ALWAYS REMEMBER: (1) No matter how great you think you are, there are people there that really are better than you. (2) The same guys you see on the way up are exactly the same ones you'll see on the way back down.

7. AFTER YOUR MATCH:  Do not ask everyone that you run into his or her opinion of your match. You will be told in due time (quickly in most cases) by the boys and the people that do the hiring, firing, and paying.

8. IF YOUR MATCH SUCKED: Don't come back to the locker room acting like the world is about to end and throw a temper tantrum. That is petty. If it was a great match, act humble when given praise. Thank anyone for praises and criticisms that they may give you. If you feel like your opponent screwed the match up, keep it to yourself FOREVER. The people in charge will know where the fault lies.

9. UPON LEAVING: Try your best to again shake hands with everyone before you leave. Compliment the other workers on their matches (whether good or not). Thank your opponent for your match. If he/she has put you over, you should have thanked them the second the pin fall was scored. Thank them again for their humility and graciousness in doing the job.

10. IF YOU ARE THE VICTIM OF A "RIB:" You are probably going to get ribbed on by one or more people. Do not take yourself seriously. It is all in good fun unless you have done something to violate rules 1-9 during the day and are a marked man/woman. Some of the people that rib you the hardest may end up being your closest allies when it really counts.

Fascinating - isn't it?  If you're serious about getting into wrestling, tear out this page and keep a copy in your wallet or travel bag.  It will prove invaluable help down the road and I think you will find yourself referring to it over and over again. If you're already a working professional, do the same. It's never too late to go back and listen to some good advice if you're in need of it!

That's all for now.  I'll see you at the matches!

James Gooding Esquire the 3rd and the Royal Stud, Adam Windsor

The Royal Stud, Adam Windsor is upset that Wrestling Journalist Bill Apter has been named the General Manager of !BANG! that he is bringing his own Attorney, James W. Gooding III to represent Royal Stud Enterprises at the !BANG! TV taping Sunday August 29th at the Dory Funk Arena. Mr. Gooding is currently training for wrestling and body building under the tutelage of Windsor and his co-horts, Aric Dylan and Missy Hyatt. It has been heard that they are teaching him the dirty tricks of wrestling. Mr. Gooding has already averred to being a proponent of the dirty tricks of lawyer-ing. Gooding has said he will master the "Low Blow."

General Manager of !BANG! TV / Office Wrestling Champion, Bill Apter

On Sunday Night August 29th, less than one month away, !BANG! TV and The Funking Conservatory will make History as one of most famous Wrestling Journalists of all time Bill "Wonderful Willie" Apter, will become the General Manager of !BANG! And ThrowDowm television.
This is going to be a huge night for The Funking Conservatory as once again Brighthouse Television will be filming the event not only for !BANG! TV but also ThrowDown, which is gaining more and more popularity throughout the Orlando market.
Royal Stud Enterprises will be bringing their personal attorney, James Gooding III to the show to make sure everything Apter does is exact and Legal.
Windsor VS Apter - Who has more power? Find out August 29th.
Also on the show on August 29th The Claw will defend her Women’s Championship Belt. Missy Hyatt claims that she is still the Women’s Champion, and vows revenge on the Claw.
What else will happen on Sunday Night August 29th at the Dory Funk Arena inside of SkateMania, located in Ocala Florida? You will have to be there in person to find out. Advanced tickets are available at Or Call 352-895-4658. You can also E-mail Dory Funk Jr.
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