In Funk's Corner
Today  7/9/04
By Dory Funk Jr.

The Funking Conservatory's alumni, Paul London teamed with Billy Kidman to defeat The Dudlys on Smackdown for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Paul is the second Funking Conservatory alumni to win a WWE major championship recently as the Funking Conservatory's Sylvan Granier teaming with Rob Conway recently won the WWE World Tag Team Title in Montreal Canada. 

This week on !BANG! TV Simba defeated Bret Van Michael with a Texas Clover Leaf and The Son of a Legend, Li'l Wahoo McDaniel defeated Forsaken with a DDT from the top rope. Also featured on the show was a rock music video of Adam Windsor, Flex Cassidy, The Assassin and Dory Funk Jr.

The main events have been finalized for the !BANG! TV taping for July 18th at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida. They are:

Dory Funk Jr., Flex Cassidy and Johnny Magnum vs Adam Windsor, The Assassin and Steve Corino. Windsor, Corino and Assassin will be seconded by Missy Hyatt and her dog Milo.

In a return match for the women's championship, The champion, The Claw will face the challenge of the First Lady of Professional Wrestling, Missy Hyatt. 

The premier writer in professional wrestling, Bill Apter will be on the card  as a special referee. Mr. Apter is the official Office Wrestling Champion and could be challenged at anytime for his Office Championship Belt. 

Two new future superstars, Funky White Boy, Bo Lee and Luis Lothario will be making their first appearance on !BANG! plus more.

The Funking Conservatory Introduces Luis Lothario

The Funking Conservatory is in session. If you are interested in becoming a TV star via !BANG! TV Call 352-895-4658, E-mail Dory Funk Jr. or visit our web site at for more information. 

You can also purchase discount tickets to !BANG! at our web site. 

Returning from Baghdad, Johnny Magnum