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Air dates Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Nights at 2:00am on Fox 51 in Ocala, Florida.
Funking Conservatory Wrestlers also are seen on Bright House channel 10 in Orlando, Florida on Wednesdays at 7:00pm and Sundays at 12:30 in the afternoon.
Today  6/25/04
!BANG! opened Super Paul from Ocala, Florida going against Clearwater, Florida's Kid Destiny. Both are twenty years old and attractive young athletes. Kid Destiny is a veteran at the Funking Conservatory and Super Paul has just completed the Funking Conservatory's program to becoming a television star on !BANG! TV. After a competitive match, Kid Destiny took advantage and slammed Super Paul in the corner and climbed the top rope. Kid Destiny did a beautiful 450 splash but when he landed, Super Paul had moved out of the way. Kid Destiny was stunned and fell victim to a Japanese rolling leg cradle. The winner of the match in his debut match, Super Paul.

The Royal Stud, Adam windsor came to the ring with the newest member of Royal Stud Enterprises, "The Assassin" and the First Lady of Professional Wrestling, Missy Hyatt with here dog Milo. Missy informed the crowd that Milo was wearing a Gucci dog collar that was very expensive. Windsor and Assassin informed our wrestling fans that they were all a bunch of trailer park trash. The Funking Conservatory's special guest, Fast Eddie Mansfield entered the ring and informed Royal Stud Enterprises that he had been appointed commissioner for the night by Dory Funk Jr. His order of business was to let Royal Stud Productions know that they would face Dory Funk in a tag team match and Funk's mystery partner would be decided by a Battle Royal. The winner of the Battle Royal would be Dory's mystery partner however, if Windsor and The Assassin won the battle royal, they would face Dory Funk in a Handicap match. Windsor and the Assassin decided to warm up and stretch out for the match but was informed by Mansfield that the battle royal would start now.

In the battle royal Magnum the Giant, Simba, Kid Destiny, Jack Misner, Bret Van Michael, Yako, Forsaken, Simba, Li'l Wahoo McDaniel, plus The Royal Stud, The Assassin and Flex Cassidy all hit the ring fighting. After five minutes, everybody grabbed Magnum the Giant and dumped him over the top. With everybody pushing the giant over, Windsor, Flex and The Assassin pushed everybody out. It looked like cattle falling off a cliff in a western movie. This left Windsor, The assassin and Flex in the ring. The Assassin was eliminated with a spear by Flex Cassidy. Windsor was eliminated when Flex Cassidy speared him off the apron. Ergo, the tag team match to appear on !BANG! will be Windsor and the Assassin against Dory Funk Jr. and Flex Cassidy.

Next !BANG! TV Taping is Sunday July 18 at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida. For ticket information you can call 352-895-4658 or visit our web site at or you can E-mail Dory Funk Jr.

Traveling with the Funking Conservatory Team to WWE's Smackdown Taping in Orlando, Florida last Sunday were Adam Windsor, Flex Cassidy, The Claw, The Assassin, Allison Fenton and "Super Paul."

Flex and The Assassin were selected to perform as Ninjas to escort Kensuke Sasaki to the ring.

Kensuki Sasaki

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