In Funk's Corner
Today  6/12/04
By Dory Funk Jr.
Super Summer Sizzler
A Triple Main Event is scheduled for Super Summer Sizzler at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida at Skatemania, Sunday June 20th, Doors open at 6:00pm and show time is 7:00pm. Osamu Nishimura returns to the Dory Funk Arena in the Main Event to face Giant Magnum. Dory Funk Jr. will choose a "Mystery Partner" to face The Royal Stud, Adam Windsor and The Silent Assassin. Missy Hyatt will put her Women's World Championship on the line against "The Claw." Li'l Wahoo McDaniel returns, Apartment Wrestling Champion, Bill Apter will be there along with Superstar, Fast Eddie Mansfield, the man responsible for Universal Studios most successful wrestling promotion. The Funking Conservatory will be introducing two new wrestlers, Super Paul and Allison Fenton.

     Bill Apter            Fast Eddie Mansfield    Li'l Wahoo McDaniel

Who will Dory Funk Jr. pick as a Mystery Partner? It could be Apartment Wrestling Champion, Bill Apter. It could be Fast Eddie Mansfield. It could be Li'l Wahoo McDaniel or it could be anyone else, even Magnum the Giant or Osamu Nishimura or it could be someone not already on the card. Who could the mystery partner be?

Training for the Super Summer Sizzler wrestling show begins Wednesday, September 16th at the Dory Funk Arena at Skatemania. To join the Funking Conservatory and train to be a wrestler, call 352-895-4658 or E-mail Dory Funk Jr. You can order discount tickets to Super Summer Sizzler by going to our web page at Don't forget, World Wrestling Entertainment's Smackdown will be in Orlando Tuesday June 22.