In Funk's Corner
Today  6/4/04
By Dory Funk Jr.
!BANG! in Discussion With Discovery Channel

Ron, Dustin, Fast Eddie Mansfield and Dory Funk Jr. on ESPN Radio, Orlando.

Information was released yesterday on ESPN Radio's "Mouthing Off" show by Fast Eddie Mansfield that he was in discussion on behalf of !BANG! with The Discovery Channel in regard to carrying !BANG!. Mansfield said that he was making plans to fly to Washington to meet with officials of Discovery Channel. !BANG! is currently airing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights at 2:00am. The Funking Conservatory wrestlers will also be appearing on Bright House Network out of Orlando starting next week. 

The list continues to grow of celebrities who will be appearing on !BANG! Sunday June 20th. New Japan Pro Wrestling's Osamu Nishimura will in one main event. Four girls are already scheduled to be there, Missy Hyatt, The Claw, Erin Elyse and Allison Fenton. The Dean of Professional Writers, Bill Apter will be there. The Royal Stud Adam Windsor, Magnum the Giant, Flex Cassidy, Paul Woodring, Brad Van Michaels, Simba, Kid Destiny and the Silent Assassin will be there. 

Bill Apter, The "Apter Mag."
Bill Apter has been writing about professional wrestling for 35 years going back to the days of the wrestling wars between myself and Jack Brisco and the Dean of Wrestling announcers Gordon Sole. Bill Apter has earned the title, the Dean of Wrestling Writers. You can check out Bill Apter's Online Magazine at his web site,  . 

Our next !BANG! TV Taping will be at the Dory Funk Arena inside Skatemania in Ocala, Florida on June 20th. Ticket Prices are $15 at the door, $12 if reserved in advanced and $8 for children. For more information, call 342-895-4658 or E-mail Dory Funk. Advanced Ticket Reservations are available on our home page - If you would like to join the Funking Conservatory and train to be a wrestler, contact us by E-mail or phone.