In Funk's Corner
Today  5/16/04
By Dory Funk Jr.

Judgment Day Predictions:

Eddie Guerrero vs John Bradshaw Layfield
Bradshaw will beat, kick and stomp the Hell out of Eddie Guerrero, but  Eddie Guerrero will remain WWE champion even though he may be carried out on a stretcher.  Look for a great match  Eddie is a great wrestler and Bradshaw is a real "Bad Ass" heel.  That is his job and he does it well.

Undertaker vs Booker T

Watch for Booker T to win this one in another solid match. Undertaker is King of his Kingdom and draws money into the coffins, pardon me, coffers of WWE however . Booker T. Pops the crowd with a victory over Undertaker.

John Cena vs Rene Dupree

Two awesome young talents cross paths . Cena has the talk and in the ring is a good performer. Dupree has it all in the ring and looks the part of a great athlete.  My pick to win, John Cena.

Ray Mysterio and RVD vs The Dudley Boys

This could be the best match on the card with three talented American performers busting their butts and one spectacular Lucha performer in the mix. All four have the heart and will give their all to the wrestling fans. RVD and Ray Mysterio go over in a pop of the night finish.

Jacqueline vs Chavo Guerrero

The first heavy heat of the night when Chavo Guerrero screws Jacqueline out of the match. Winner, Chavo Guerrero. 

Gunn & Holly vs.Haas & Rico

Who are the good guys? Rico is my boy from the Funking Dojo. Look for Rico to cause his team to win. 

Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie 

Two beautiful girls, Dawn Marie is my favorite but Torrie is the fans choice. I am going with the fans this time and say the winner will be Torrie Wilson.

WWE comes to Florida in June. 

Application to train at the Funking Conservatory
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Dory Funk Jr.