In Funk's Corner
By Dory Funk Jr.
Dreams Can Come True at the Funking Conservatory
From Trenton, Florida to the Tokyo Dome

Giant Magnum first came to the Funking Conservatory over two years ago to watch our !BANG! TV Taping. He was so big he broke the chair he was sitting in. Our TV Producer Marti Funk remembers telling him to bring his own chair when he came back. Magnum returned to the Funking Conservatory in August of 2003 but he didn't bring a chair. He came to learn professional wrestling at the Funking Conservatory. Magnum had worked very hard to get himself in shape to train for professional wrestling. He had trimmed his weight and stood 7' tall and weighed 290 pounds. 

Giant Magnum came to us from Trenton, Florida, population 1269 with a land area of 2.6 miles. He was a big strong boy. I remember telling the Sports Editor at the Ocala Star Banner, Vince Murray I would find out about his athletic background, thinking he must have been a football or basketball star. To my surprise, he had none as Giant Magnum had been home schooled by his mother, Beth through high school. 

I also found out that Giant Magnum was born on Japanese soil on a military base in Iwa Kuni Japan. He is an American citizen and traveled home with his mother at the age of 6 months. 

Here at the Funking Conservatory training with Adam Windsor and myself, we found Magnum to be an exceptional athlete, able to learn fast and to perform wrestling moves not even attempted by most big men. Magnum is trained in the style of a wrestler as opposed to a big attraction. 

The far reaching Marketing, publicity and video tapes released by the Funking Conservatory came to the attention New Japan Pro-wrestling and they became interested in Giant Magnum. He is young at only 20 years old for such a spot, however with weekly training for the last eight months we felt he was ready. Now Giant Magnum is a star in Japan in the sport he loves, professional wrestling.
Giant Magnum got in from Japan early this morning. We are proud of his success in the Tokyo Dome working for New Japan Pro-wrestling. The announced attendance for the show was a sell out 50,000 people.

Magnum is a part of the Makai Group known for their toughness.

He won the match for his team gaining the pin fall on Makabe with his "Choke Slam."

Tokyo Dome Show, May 3rd, Tokyo Japan Attendance 50,000.
Six man tag,
New Strong Machine (Giant Magnum), Giant Machine (7' 5" ) and Super Strong Machine (Junji Hirata) 

Their opponents were Osamu Nishimura (Often wrestles for us here on !BANG!, Tenzan and Makabe.

Giant Magnum has become famous in Japan

Dreams Can Come True here at the Funking Conservatory

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