Press Release
Inside Wrestling, June Issue Now on Sale
From the Funking Conservatory

The June issue of Inside Wrestling is now on sale at news stands across the country. The current issue features a story on the Dory Funk Jr. / Jeff Jarrett match and the controversies surrounding the publicity given a match of this magnitude and the credibility factor of a Funk / Jarrett match for the Current NWA World Championship Title.

After a successful challenge to Jeff Jarrett, Dory Funk Jr. says he is ready for a match with the new NWA Champion, A.J. Styles. Dory Funk feels that Styles is a great champion with a strong following among wrestling fans. 

In the same issue of Inside wrestling there is an adjoining story on WWE Superstar, Lita, according to the story, Lita left ECW to train under Dory Funk Jr. at the Florida based Funking Conservatory. Lita offers good advise as she says, "There is always more to learn." Her training video was sent directly from the Funking Conservatory to WWE Talent Relations. After viewing her performance at the Funking Conservatory and a job interview, Lita was offered a job and the rest is history as Lita is one of the most popular of the Diva's performing at WWE.

This issue also contains data sheets and large photos on one of Dory Funk Jr.'s top students, Rikishi and Funking Conservatory trainee, Alexis Laree.

The June issue is action packed with features on Vince McMahon vs the World, Batista, Los Guerreros, Hard Core Holly and Michael Shane.

Inside Wrestling's founder is the late Stanley Weston
Our compliments to Publisher Stuart Saks on an excellent issue of Inside Wrestling

If you would like to meet and train with Giant Magnum and the "Hard Core Specialist" Steve Corino, call us at 352-895-4658 or E-mail Dory Funk Jr.

The Card for May 9th at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida:

NWA North Florida Heavyweight Championship
Giant Magnum vs Dory Funk Jr.

Hard Core Title Match
Adam Windsor vs The Hard Core Specialist, Steve Corino

Four Girl Tag Team Match
Missy Hyatt and Simply Luscious vs Gabrielle and The Claw

Li'l Wahoo vs 300 pound Simba

Kevin Rhoads vs Tex Fobiside

Plus more.

For ticket information and for information on training to be a wrestler at the Funking Conservatory, go to or call 352-895-4658. You can also E-mail Dory Funk Jr. at -