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From the Funking Conservatory to the Tokyo Dome 
Tokyo Dome May 3rd.
Giant Magnum
Debuts in Japan

Dory Funk Jr. 6' 2" 240 pounds standing next to Giant Magnum 7' 2" 320 pounds

From the Funking Conservatory to the Tokyo Dome

On May 3rd, 2004, Giant Magnum will enter the ring wrestling for New Japan Pro-wrestling at the Tokyo Dome. 

Giant Magnum began his training for wrestling last fall here at the Funking Conservatory. His trainers are myself and the only other trainer certified to teach at the Funking Conservatory, The Royal Stud, Adam Windsor. 

Giant Magnum has learned fast. He is taught in shoot/work wrestling. Magnum is very strong and has an agility not found in other big men. His favorite moves are a smooth fireman's carry, a quick single leg pick up, a double wrist lock and a special Japanese reverse leg pickup. He attended his first wrestling match at the Dory Funk Arena at the age of 17. Magnum broke the chair he was sitting in. He was told by our TV Producer Marti Funk to bring his own chair when he came back. In August of 2003, Giant Magnum returned to the Funking Conservatory. He didn't need his own chair because his commitment was to train to become professional wrestler. 

Giant Magnum was born on a US air base in Iwa Kuni Japan. His parents were living at the Yakoda military base in Tokyo. Magnum returned to America at the age of six months. Giant Magnum is 7' 2" tall and weighs 320 pounds. He is 20 years old. He was home schooled through high school by his mother, Beth Jarvi. 

Giant Magnum's athletic background is kick boxing and ballet. He was kicked out of junior league football because the parents felt he was dangerous to the smaller kids. Magnum has been scouted by West Texas A&M University Football Coach, Ronnie Jones as a potential tight end for the Buffaloes next year. 

Giant Magnum will return to the Funking Conservatory from Tokyo, Japan to participate on our May training camp.

If you would like to meet and train with Giant Magnum call us at 352-895-4658 or E-mail Dory Funk Jr.

The Card for May 23rd at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida:

Giant Magnum and Dory Funk vs Adam Windsor and David Flair

Missy Hyatt, Erin Elyse and The Claw will be there.

Li'l Wahoo, 300 pound Simba, Kid Destiny, Bret Van Michaels

Kevin Rhoads, Tex Fobiside will be there.

Plus more.

For ticket information and for information on training to be a wrestler at the Funking Conservatory, go to or call 352-895-4658. You can also E-mail Dory Funk Jr. at -