In Funk's Corner
By Dory Funk Jr.

"How Much Money am I Going to Make"

I was sitting in my living room one morning just after we had moved to Florida in the late eighties. The phone rang and it was one of the young athletes I had worked with in Florida Territory. He talked to Marti first and said, "Please help me, I am stuck out here in Portland working for some independent promoter and the business is terrible. I have no money. I had to call my mother and ask here to send me enough money to get home. Please ask Dory if he can book me in Japan."

This kid was a quality athlete (Basketball) and college graduate with a degree in business and had been working for Honeywell Corp. He had made the decision with his wife to give wrestling a try. Together they decided to make a three year commitment to making in in the wrestling business. He was close to the end of the line.

I took the phone and said I would do my best.

In five minutes I had Mister Baba on the phone and had confirmation that my friend could go to Japan on the next trip for All Japan Pro Wrestling. I called back to the Portland number and informed my friend he was booked for the next tour. He thanked me profusely then hung up.

Less than a minute later, the phone rang again. It was my friend on the phone from Portland. He said, "Hey Dory, How much money am I going to make?"

My first thoughts were, "Holy Moley this guy just called me starving in Portland and now he is asking me how much money he is going to make?" Later, I thought, "This kid has a lot of guts."

I did talk to Mr. Baba about this young talented athlete and the contributions he could make to the wrestling business. They did come up with a financial deal that began a very successful portion of  his career.

This young cosmetically appealing athlete became the number one Gaijin (Term used to describe out of country wrestlers) wrestler in Japan. Not only was he a great worker but learned the business in total. All Japan Pro-Wrestling became known as the best company for in-ring performance in the world. They did capacity business with clean finishes in the ring, winners and losers. To explain it in common terms, "no bull-shit finishes." My friend was the man behind the scenes, the writer for All Japan Pro-wrestling. 

He didn't stop there. This kid continued to achieve in the wrestling business. With his record established as a performer and writer for All Japan Pro-wrestling, he came to America and accepted a position with Talent Relations with World Wrestling Entertainment. That was a short three and a half years ago. He is now leaving his home and moving to Connecticut  as he has been named the new "Head of Talent Relations."

In Japan, they called him "Ichiban Otoko" Number one man. He wrestled as Johnny Ace. Here in America he is now the number one man in WWE's Talent Relations Department, John Lauranaitis, "Head of Talent Relations."

Saturday April 25th, Professional wrestling returns to the Dory Funk Arena. The Funking Conservatory presents: 
"Ladies, Ladders and Legends. 

Dory Funk Jr. will be wrestling the Son of a Legend, David Flair

The Funking Conservatory World title will be at stake as Adam Windsor, 300 pound Simba and Lil Wahoo McDaniel will do battle in a three way "Ladder Match.' with the Funking Conservatory World Title hanging from the roof of the Dory Funk Arena.

The Claw says she is ready and has issued a challenge to Missy Hyatt for the Women's Title.

There will be four other great matches on the card. 
Doors open at 6:00pm and Show Time is 7:00pm.

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