In Funk's Corner 
By Dory Funk Jr.


Wrestling School Information

In August of 1999, The first Funking Conservatory training camp came to Ocala, Florida. Our first show was in an old basketball gym. 17 ambitious wrestlers came to train for professional wrestling. One of them was Amy Dumas also known as Angelica working for ECW. Amy came to work hard. She had experience in wrestling having wrestled the Luchador style in Mexico and had some experience working for ECW. She felt that she could learn more about professional wrestling and that the marketing of the Funking Conservatory would be of benefit to her career as a professional wrestler. As a participant in our training camp along with 16 other men, Amy asked no favors and even did extra work with Marti doing photo-shoots at 6:00am before coming to practice for wrestling at 9:00am. Photos were packaged and videos of her work were made at the Funking Conservatory and sent to major wrestling promotions among them, then World Wrestling Federation. (WWF) The rest is history as Amy has become one of the biggest Stars in Professional Wrestling.

Streaming Video - Amy Dumas also known as Lita working for WWE -

!BANG! TV is now seen world wide on streaming video 24/7. Call us at 352-895-4658 and find out how with only three weeks of training you can appear on !BANG! TV. We train wrestlers, managers, referees and promoters. At the Funking Conservatory we are coed and we have a safety program.

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