In Funk's Corner
Complete Card Announced for February Fight Nights

Magnum The Giant and Mr. Show Time (Jay Garland)
" We Will Eat Rock 'N Roll's Sack Lunch."

The complete card has been announced for the Funking Conservatory's production of February Fight Night in Ocala, Florida tonight at 7:00pm. (Sunday February 22nd).

Kid Destiny vs Forsaken
Adam Windsor vs Patrick Tanaka
Yako and The Main Avante vs Simba and Big John
Tank Dog vs Kid Destiny
Indian Strap Match - Adam Windsor vs Li'l Wahoo McDaniel
Rock 'N Roll Express vs Giant Magnum and Mr. ShowTime
Dory Funk Jr. vs Osamu Nishimura
Kevin Rhoades vs Rouge with Ace Valvone

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