In Funk's Corner

Dr. Tom Prichard

Irish Siren

WWE Talent Scout, Dr. Tom Prichard and Dory Funk Jr.

Every wrestling company needs a fresh flow of young cosmetically
appealing young talent. WWE is well aware of this need and is sending
Tom Prichard to look over the wrestling talent in the September
Funking Conservatory.

For such an opportunity our athletes want to be at their best.

Two pictured below are in early for some personal instruction
in advance of the main training camp starting September 24th.

Chuck Reid comes to the Funking Conservatory after six years of service in the
United States Navy. He is a physically gifted athlete trained in the Martial arts
with good speaking skills on interviews. Chuck comes to us with some training
also in pro-wrestling.

Alex Breslin comes to the Funking Conservatory all the way from Ireland. This "Irish
Siren" is training for wrestling for the first time. She is naturally strong and is learning
fast. She has her eye on the Women's championship as Cleopatra and Venessa Harding
will here for the !BANG! television tapings on September 28th.

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