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Terry Funk in the Funking Conservatory

"Blood Thicker That Water"

Dory Funk Jr. helps cut the barbed wire from Terry after the Funk's vs Public Enemy ECW Match.

Not since Bruiser Brody has an independent talent put themselves in such demand on the Pro-wrestling
front. The wrestling business is a rough place to survive on your own. The indies are a rough place to
survive. as a pro-wrestler in a thin market, Terry has not only survives, he has flourished in America
and in Japan. Terry is an independent contractor. There are no long term contracts, disability insurance
or 401k's for a person earning wages as an independent contractor. There is not even guarantee pay.

On the Indie circuit, checks can bounce and promoters can disappear into the walls after the show.

Terry Funk has always managed to stay "In Demand." He  does not come cheap. In fact he comes very
expensive and he earns his money. He is what we call in the wrestling business, a "Box Office" attraction.

We are proud to announce:
Terry Funk will be in Ocala, Florida for the November Funking Conservatory Training Camp (Nov. 19
through 24) and will perform at our !BANG! television show Saturday November 23rd. The card will
be headlined by the following main event.

Dory Funk Jr. and Adam Windsor with Terry Funk
NWA Wildside's Blackout with Lost Boy Azrael

"Blood is Thicker Than Water"

Dory Funk Jr., Adam Windsor and Terry Funk

Hardcore Terry Funk

For ticket information and camp reservations call - (352) 895-4658

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