"Blast from the Past"

WCW - Slamboree 93 - Dory Funk Jr. vs Nick Bockwinkel

Gene Kiniski was my manager in the legends match against Nick Bockwinkel. As we walked into the ring at the Omni, Gene had his arm around my shoulder, Kiniski was giving me advice for the match with Bockwinkel. As we came to the center of the ring, He stopped, looked at me and said, "Look up, Your father is up there looking at us now. Do you see Nick Bockwinkel over there?" "Give'em hell Kid."

I asked John Valentine just how he would approach the match against Nick Bockwinkel at the 1993 Slamboree show. Big John said, "Drive him face forward into the mat and lock a front face lock on him and don't turn loose." I knew the style well as on several occasions as world champion I had faced John Valentine in the Sam Houston Coliseum and Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto.

Verne Gagne was in Nick Bockwinkel's corner. I had faced Verne in my first year in the wrestling business wrestling him to a one hour draw in Amarillo, Texas for the AWA World Championship.


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Mike Graham

At the Sportatorium in Tampa Florida I was sitting in Eddie's office on the second floor. (The sweat room where Eddie would never turn the air on) I suggested that I work a match on TV with his son, Mike Graham who is an excellent amateur wrestler. I suggested that we wrestle an iron man style of match, where it is the only match and it lasts the full hour. Eddie looked at me and said, "Well this sounds like a job for Coach John Heath to work with Gordon on the commentary."  Naturally Terry would be in my corner, Bill Alfonzo would be the referee and Bruce Tharp the Ring Announcer. The match would go six rounds with the man who had the most falls at the end of the hour would be the winner of the match.

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Round 2 - Dory Funk Jr. vs Mike Graham 

Round 3 - Dory Funk Jr. vs Mike Graham 

Round 4 - Dory Funk Jr. vs Mike Graham 

Round 5 - Dory Funk Jr. vs Mike Graham 

Round 6 - Dory Funk Jr. vs Mike Graham 

David von Erich

I was in Jacksonville, Florida in the summer of 1982 - As I always do, I was standing on the back stage watching the wrestling matches. A beautiful teenie-bopper dressed cute as could be came to the front of the stage and asked me to come over and talk to her. I thought, "really, this cute young thing wants to talk to me." I smiled and strolled over to the edge of the stage, leaned over and said, "Howdy do" She answered, "Oh, I'm fine. Do you think you could get your partner, David von Erich to come over and talk to me?" David and I laughed about that all the way back to Tampa as we celebrated because Jacksonville sold out that night. David and I against Sweet Brown Sugar and Hacksaw, Butch Reed. We were on our way to a successful run in Florida. Marti fixed dinner for us that night when we got in and David slept on our couch.

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