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Bill Behrens on !BANG!

O Tanjobi Omedeto
(Happy Birthday)

Adam Windsor called yesterday morning and said today was Osamu Nishimura's
birthday. He had read the information in Georgiann's Newsletter.

I knew Nishimura had just returned to his American home in Tampa, Florida from a
successful tour of Japan with his company, New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

We called Nishimura and asked if He would meet us in Zypher Hills, Florida for
lunch. Knowing it was his birthday we got him a bottle of champagne, some
flowers and a Birthday card. (A surprise birthday party)

The joke was on us because Nishimura's Birthday is not until September 22nd.

Hey Georgiann it was a nice trip anyway and we had a great time, thanks.

NWA Vice President and NWA/TNA executive, Bill Behrens will be the official
Timekeeper and presiding official for the Adam Windsor vs Osamu Nishimura
Funking Conservatory World Championship match taking place at the Dory Funk
Arena in Ocala, Florida on Saturday July 27th.

This special return match will be a one hour time limit, Best Two Out of Three Falls.

Dark clouds gather as The Royal Stud gets a close look at his opponent for !BANG! this Saturday night.

These two fine athletes will meet once again at our !BANG! television tapings.
For ticket information you may call 352-895-4658

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The Champagne and Birthday card will have to wait until September 22nd.