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Thanksgiving Night - BattleMania
Texas Death Match

Marcus Dillon vs Adam Windsor

Marcus Dillon faces The Royal Stud, Adam Windsor

Amarillo Territory Wrestling office, late seventies - Terry leaned back in his chair and said, "Junior, (He has always called me Junior) I know how we can make a million dollars! All we have to do is put up the deposits and lease all the major coliseums throughout the country five years in advance on Thanksgiving night. Then when all the wrestling promoters across the country try to run on Thanksgiving night, they will find that we hold the lease on the buildings, then we will sublease to the wrestling promoters at high prices. They will all go for it because Thanksgiving night is the biggest night of the year for professional wrestling. "

Everybody is off for the holiday and has been sitting around all day visiting with relatives, eating turkey and watching football games on television and by the evening they are ready to get out and do something. Of course with it being Thanksgiving most merchants are closed and there is nothing to do. It the days of the NWA every territory had a Thanksgiving show.

Thanksgiving night we will renew the tradition with our production of BattleMania at our one thousand seat facility, SkateMania. This will be the biggest show of the year produced by the Funking Conservatory.

The night will end with a BattleMania Royal Rumble featuring the 7' 320 pound Magnum the Giant. 
In a World Championship match, Adam Windsor will face Marcus Dillon, Texas Death Match rules.
The manager of Andre the Giant, Bobby The Brain Heenan will be there.
The First Lady of Professional Wrestling, Missy Hyatt will be there in an evening gown match.
Our teenage stars, Li'l Wahoo McDaniel and Dixie, aka Jayole Bate will be there.
Representing the Armed Forces, Shane Chung and Jason Thomas will be there.
Also appearing, Samson, BoneCrusher, The Big Cat, 300 pound Simba and many more.

WWE will be in the Central Florida Area between December 14 - 16 beginning with WWE's Pay Per View,
Armageddon coming to Orlando on Sunday December 14 at the TD Waterhouse Center. Show time is 7:45pm.

Raw Brand comes to Tampa, Florida on Monday December 15 at the St. Petersburg Times Forum.
Show time is 7:45pm.

The Smackdown Brand comes to Jacksonville, Florida on Tuesday December 16 at the Veterans Memorial Arena.
Show time is 7:45pm.

Each venue is approximately ninety minutes from the Funking Conservatory here in Ocala, Florida.

This Saturday Night at the Dory Funk Arena is BattleMania I, A Six Man Elimination Tag Team Match.
Adam Windsor, Giant Magnum and BoneCrusher vs Samson, Big Cat and Marcus "The Reason" Dillon
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