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Limousine Riding Sun of a Guns

Funking Conservatory at Smackdown

The Funking Conservatory Team traveled to the Smackdown Brand show in Tampa, Florida on
March 16. Adam Windsor and Red Power had invitations from WWE to train in the ring at the

April 12 in Daytona we will do it all over again. If you are interested in making the trip with the
Funking Conservatory Team and Travel in a "Long Black Limousine" to Daytona Beach,
Florida for the Smackdown Brand of WWE on Saturday April 12, contact The Funking

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All Photos by Marti Funk, Photography / Videography

This trip !BANGS!

1 - The !BANG! Gang ready to board the Limousine to the Sun Dome in Tampa.
    Adam Windsor, Celtic Tiger, Red Power, Bull Dozier, Dory Funk and John Romero, "The Driver."
2 - The !BANG! Gang with Sheldon Benjamin.
3 - Red Power, The Royal Stud and Dory Funk Jr. train in the University of South Florida Sun Dome.
4 - !BANG! Gang with Dawn Marie
5 - !BANG! Gang with Nidia and Dawn Marie.
6 - Dory Funk talks technique with Red Power. The Royal Stud agrees with Funk.
7 - Arm Bar applied by the Royal Stud on Red Power.
8 - Red Power and the Power of Brock Lesnar.
9 - Dory Funk Jr. gives a big tip to the John Romero, the Limousine Driver.
10 - Black Jack Lanza (WWE Agent) is still upset about the outcome of his NWA Title match with me
    in a cage at the St. Louis Arena in 1972.
11 - On the return trip to the Funking Conservatory, The !BANG! Gang is exhausted except for The Coach.
12 - Memories of a great time in the University of South Florida Sun Dome. In the ring after the show, Dory,
    Adam and Red Power.

Limousine Provided by John Romero and Sullivan Auto Group of Ocala, Florida.
When buying a car or truck, Look for the name Sullivan, Sponsor of !BANG!

 Dr. Tom Comes to the Funking Conservatory

Our thanks to the WWE for all courtesies for the Funking Conservatory at the Daytona Smackdown Show.

Tel - (352) 895-4658
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