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The Royal Stud, Adam Windsor

"Just Talk to This Kid"

Between the ages of 16 and 17 He sent over 500 messages to the WWF. He faxed, he called,
and he sent e-mail to everyone in Titan Towers. He spoke with many but nobody thought a 17
year old kid from England who weighed in at 125 pounds had any chance to make it in
professional wrestling.

Finally Executive Secretary, Sue DeRosa brought me a letter from Adam and said, "Dory,
would you please call this kid and just talk to him."

Everybody had told Adam he would never make it as a professional wrestler. They laughed at
him, even his best friends. His own parents have said that they thought he would just make one
trip to the Funking Conservatory and that would satisfy him that pro wrestling was out of his

Adam's dream of becoming a pro wrestler became a reality.

Adam Windsor - August of 1999 and with Dory Funk August of 2001

In two years and now only at the age of 19, Adam has become a great worker. Some of the
legends he reminds me of in the ring are John Valentine, Flair, Jeff Jerrrett, Ray Stevens and Pat
Patterson. That is fast company. He does have a little of Dory Funk Jr. in him too.

Adam Windsor - Shades of the Greats

Adam Windsor is an example for all who dream for goals above and beyond
what some would believe are possible. The ingredients for Adam have been
persistence for sure, dedication to a purpose, determination, mental toughness
and another very important factor, support of his family.

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