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What Does it Take?

Mad Dog

Dory Funk Jr., Coach Funk of the Funking Conservatory

"The match is the same, in front of 250 people in Littlefield, Texas, or in front of
62,000 fans in the Tokyo Dome. I will always do my best to perform for the fans."

Adam Windsor

"My dream from the beginning was to be a wrestler, it was never about money. I know
that's ultimately what we do this for, but as you saw yesterday and the day before, no
matter if its just 2 people or 1000 people in the building, as soon as I get near the ring,
I am like my brothers in a Cadburys chocolate store and have to hold myself back. I
cannot tell you or anyone else why I love this profession so much, its that thing inside of
myself that I cannot explain."

Chris Cage "The Dream Machine"
"Since I was four years old I have known, I want to be a wrestler."

The Claw
"I love the wrestling business"

Mad Dog Vachon
"You must love this business"

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