Who Can You Beat?

Dory Funk Sr.                               Bob Geigel                   Ricky Star

In the early fifties Terry and I were at the Amarillo Sports arena sitting with our mother,
Dorothy watching the matches. My father, Dory Funk Sr. came up to the back row
of ringside on the West Side where we always sat. He leaned over to mother and
said, I want your opinion of the next match.

The match was Ricky Starr against Buck Weaver.

As the lights darkened and Ricky Starr came to the ring the wrestling fans of Amarillo, Texas who
were used to tough guys, Tony Morelli, Dory Funk Sr., Bob Geigel, Iron Mike Dibiase, Bulldog
Plechas, Wayne Martin, Big Train Clements, Ray Gunkel, Pat Oconnor, Frankie Hill Murdoch,
Lou Thesz and Dick Hutton were shocked to see this ballerina looking "Sissy."

Ricky Starr amazed, entertained and bedazzled the fans with his antics against the
befuddled Gus Johnson.  The fans laughed so hard they cried. They stood on their feet and cheered
and hooted and hollered throughout the match.

That was Ricky Starr's first impression in front of the fans in Amarillo, Texas. It was classic entertainment.

Don't Be Deceived by Appearance

A few weeks after the introduction of Ricky Starr in the Amarillo territory, the promoter at the time,
Doc Sarpolis felt it was time to "convince" the wrestling fans that wrestlers were tough.

Standing in the ring was Dory Funk Sr., Bob Geigel and Ricky Starr.

The ring announcer made the invitation for anyone in the audience. They could take on any one of the
three men in the ring in a wrestling match. Six fans took up the offer and they all wanted to challenge
Ricky Starr.

Ricky Starr went through 5 West Texas Tough Guys in 5 minutes.

Little did they know Ricky Starr was Big Ten Champion amateur wrestler from Purdue University.

As number 6 stepped into the ring, Dory Funk Sr. could see that Ricky Star at only 198 pounds was a
little gassed. Funk Sr. said to Ricky, "Take a break on this one and I will teach him his lesson. The last
match was over in less than a minute as Dory Funk Sr. used his favorite submission hold a top body
scissors and cross face to gain the tap out from the "Doubting Thomas" Challenger at the Amarillo Sports Arena.

Ricky Starr vs Frank Fozo