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The Training and the Stage

You Must Love This Business

Dory Funk Sr.

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"Dad, I have decided, I want to become a professional wrestler."

We were walking back from repairing the east fence line on the Flying Mare Ranch to the home of my
father, Dory Funk Sr. Dad stopped and looked at me. He said, "Son, you are about to enter the most
competitive business in the world.

I looked at him kind of puzzled. I hade just finished four years of college playing football and amateur
wrestling in the off season. I told him, I thought I was well qualified.

He looked at me and said, "You might spend four years in this business and just begin to figure what it is
all about.

"Hell, I thought I already knew."

His words proved to be true. Now after many years in the wrestling business, I am still learning every day.
(Even new performance techniques in the ring)

He gave me some other advice that day that has proved to be true,  He said that if I could do the things
an athlete should do to care for himself, I should stay in good shape and have good health throughout my
life. The wrestling business can give you a young and healthy body.

Professional wrestling can be all that you want it to be. Your dreams of becoming a professional wrestler
can come true. The pay at the top is highly rewarding. So is the cheer of the fans and the recognition.

To make it to the top you must demonstrate your ability to draw money/increase tv ratings/sell products.

In today's market, you must be trained and have a stage to demonstrate your expertise.

One other thing, Dory Funk Sr. said, "You must love this business."

Dory Funk Sr. on the Flying Mare Ranch

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