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Coaches Report

WWE Talent Scout, Dr. Tom Prichard will be coming to the September Funking Conservatory.
Contact us for more information.

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Our thanks again to the Funking Conservatory wrestlers for a week of hard work leading
to our television show on !BANG!

Thanks also to Weekly Pro-wrestling Editor Fumi Saito for the attendance of the Body Slam
tour who traveled from Tokyo Japan to The Funking Conservatory for !BANG!

Thanks also to our fans here in Ocala  for their support.

Adam Windsor
Adam is a gifted performer with real skill in the ring and on the mike. There is no one who works harder
toward achieving his goal of working for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Ru Starr (Patrick Buckridge)
Ru is 18 years old and is in excellent shape. He has the kind of out-going personality
that will do him well in the wrestling business. Ru looks like a heel. He worked hard
in the Funking Conservatory to improve his skills in the ring.

The Mad Doctor (Harold Eder)
Harold worked hard overcoming some physical limitations to prove he could perform
in the ring and entertain the wrestling fans. Harold was also good on interviews.

Trauma (Richard E. Starr)
He was in the Funking Conservatory for the first time and also wrestling in the ring for
the first time. Trauma is a big man, over six feet tall and 260 pounds. He worked hard
and improved day by day and had good performances on !BANG! in three matches.

Vanessa (Leslie Ann Culton)
Vanessa has natural skills with a gymnastic and dancing background. She is learning pro-
wrestling for the first time. She has good personality on camera. With training she can
transfer her athletic/entertaining skills to sports entertainment.

Kid Italy (Ryan Uptgraft)
Ryan was in the Funking Conservatory for the first time. He has had indy
experience. Ryan worked hard on improving his interviews and in ring working skills.
He had a good match in the training camp against Adam Windsor.

Savage (Rita Avila)
Rita is strong. In training she was able to pick up and body slam some or our
male wrestlers. She worked hard learning the techniques of pro-wrestling and
developing a personality on camera. This was a first time experience for Rita.

Osamu Nishimura is an excellent worker and is becoming very popular here
at the Dory Funk Arena. His work is an inspiration to many of our young
wrestlers here at the Funking Conservatory.

The Claw is the Law
Claudia Reiff worked her tail off this week in the Funking Conservatory. By
the end of the week she had worked as referee in 36 matches. She is also
Marti's personal assistant and works in the office of the Funking Conservatory.

Paul Debogorski
He worked as Dragon and was one of the most improved in the training camp
along with Trauma. his work in the ring a hundred percent improved over his
first day in the training camp.

He is the one our fans love to hate and carries the most heat in the Funking
Conservatory. Heater has a lot of natural entertaining skills and is learning
the technical side of the wrestling business.

Our thanks to other wrestlers in training Scotty Z, Tizziana
Cory Connors and Eric "The Great."

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